Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Aladdin - Is Back Again

Its the holiday season again. Wondering what to do with the little ones ? These day and age, we tend to give our gadgets to our kids. These tech gadgets would keep them occupied while we can carry out our daily task without them getting into our ways. But seriously, it may not be any advantage for early childhood development. Long exposure of these may only decrease their attention span.  

Well, I have a great suggestion for you parents out there !! Why not bring them for a musical play instead. The kids and I had the chance to watch Aladdin - A musical comedy reloaded last weekend. They are back for their 2nd year. Its not only entertaining for the kids but us parents too. 

Aladdin - A musical comedy reloaded

This musical is based on the legendary stories of Aladdin. Through the centuries, countless versions of the story of Aladdin have been told or staged. Many of its exciting themes of magic, romance, adventure and overcoming poverty have made it one of the most familiar and classic stories from the Arabian Nights collection. 

This musical is very interactive, just like their first show last year. The kids can make as much noise as they like, voice out their opinions or even Booooo some actors on stage (well that will be the evil wizard, of course !!! ) 

Widow Twanky and the evil wizard Abanaza
Pic Source : Enfiniti Academy 

The evil wizard Abanaza, is trying to retrieve the magic lamp, but little does he realize that only a young pure soul can retrieve it. Abanaza tricks and charms his way into getting the help of a lazy, young washer boy called Aladdin. 

Be prepared to laugh your socks off and watch the hilariousness ensues as Widow Twanky, Abanaza, Wishee Washee, Won Ton, Aladdin and Princess Kim K show you a whole new world of adventures. 
This is definitely a show for the whole family to enjoy.

The production, directed by Joanna Besssey, musical direction by Liew Marsh and choreography by J. Redza, the lead cast of 'Aladdin - Reloaded' comprise of professional actors like Rashid Salleh, Tria Aziz, Peter Davis. Joining them on stage are a cast of extremely talented children and young adults who will warm the hearts of our audiences, both young and old. 

Peter Davis acts as - The evil Wizard Abanaza
He is an actor, model and mixed martial artist that enjoys all sorts of adrenaline pumping sports. 

Rashid Salleh as - Widow Twanky
He is best known as an actor where he dedicated over 20 years in local theater. He was part of a successful cast of a local sitcom 'Kopitiam' that received recognition at the 1998 Asian Television Awards for best comedy programme. 

Tria Aziz - The Genie of the Ring 

Tria Aziz as - The Genie of the Ring
She is an award winning Musical performer who started her singing career after winning the Hitz.fm KRU Star Search in 2002. With more than 20 theatrical performances under her belt, some of her memorable performances on stage are Broadway Parody Lagi Lah 2008 and Instant Cafe Theater's Kurang manis 2008. 

Jason Phuah as - Aladdin
He is one of the pioneer students of KDU's diploma in entertainment arts program and graduated in 2014. His debut musical performance was in Paper Crane and landed his first lead role in MUD.

Alesia Dhana as - Princess Kim K
She graduated from The Urdang Academy in London with a National Diploma in Professional Musical Theater in 2014 and recently graduated with a degree in Musical Theater from Guildford school of acting. 

Brian Chan as - Wishee Washee
He is a new kid in town. Actor by profession and geek at heart, when he isnt acting, he's busy saving the world of warcraft.

Princess Kim K and Aladdin

Front row : Abanaza, Widow Twanky, Won Ton and Wishee Washee

Tiara Jacquelina

She is the Executive Producer for the show. A multi award- winning producer, director and actor. She is the Group President and CEO of Enfiniti Vision Media, Malaysia's leading producers of Musical Theater ( Puteri Gunung Ledang and P.Ramlee The Musical).

The whole cast & crew of the Aladdin - The Musical Comedy Reloaded
Pic Source : Enfiniti Academy

Quote by the Executive Producer ( Tiara Jacquelina )
"The holiday season is coming up again, yayyyy! This is my favorite time of the year, productions wise, because we end our annual season of shows on a light and happy note. The idea is to for audiences of ALL ages o be able to enjoy a show, dressed in any way that they're comfortable, be as noisy and rowdy as they please, and really just have a good time at the theater. 

So what are you waiting for ?!! Go get your tickets now...... :)
The show is on till 11th of December

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Aladdin, a musical comedy

The classic fantasy - Aladdin

We all love the all time classic - The Aladdin. Who wouldn't ? We would have heard this story over and over again during our early years. Its the first ever story that has taught us about genie and a flying carpet. Those were the two magical words back then.....and its still is

This story always brings back loads of memories esp to me. I remember very vaguely taking my lil brother to watch the movie back in 1992.... a fantasy that would always linger in your mind. The bravery of a young man, the genie that grants you wishes and the love between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine........

And now how would you feel if you could just watch this all over again.... the whole fantasy coming alive in front of you !!!

Let me introduce a new musical comedy that's happening near you !

Aladdin, a musical comedy 


The whole fantasy comes alive structured in a musical way. Loads of singing and dancing that will make you wanna stand up and dance along.

It was held at the PJ live Arts at Jaya one.

Venue - PJ Live Arts

Waiting for the play to start

I brought both my lil ones for the 8pm show. I knew that they will doze off at 9 as it was their usual bed time....... but boy was I wrong ! Both were wide awake, and they were actually jumping up and down and laughing their heads off literally. Even the younger one who was only 3 years, kept humming to the beats and tried singing along with the cast.

The Play was fun and very interactive. The actors were communicating with the kids the whole time. You just cant doze off even for a second. The kids joined Aladdin and the evil wizard Abanaza in their quest to retrieve the magic lamp from the cave.


The evil wizard - Abanaza

This play boasts strong cast both young and talented actors. And famous ones too !
Some of the famous ones are Rashid Salleh, Peter Davis, Tria Aziz and Jayson Phuah

This Arabian classic was twisted to our very own culture and taste. If you know our Malaysian politics, be prepared to just laugh your hearts out..... This guys are just too hilarious for words. So much of efforts were definitely put in to this play. I wouldn't mind watching it again....

The adults enjoyed as much as the kids I would say. They did cater for the whole family. I would suggest the whole family to go and watch this play. It not only brings back the Arabian classic fantasy back into the front seat but also gives you the satisfaction and wonderful memory to bring back home.......

Here are the details of the Play

Aladdin musical comedy at PJ live Arts

If you have not heard about them yet.... its still not to late. The musical play will be held till the 29th of this month.... another 6 more shows to go. So what are you waiting for ?! Quickly get your tickets...

Some of the shots taken at the event held a few days ago

The lil one posing just before the play

Many young talented actors 

The genie and the evil wizard - Abanaza

The main cast 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

2 more days for the Red hot party of the year !

I cant wait to catch up with friends & fellow bloggers this Friday the 14th..... its gonna be an exciting evening for sure. Most of you readers out there would have seen my previous posts on WeVents. For those who have not stumbled upon it yet..... here is a lil introduction


It was started in 2010 ( unfortunately I didn't know about it then ) by Jeanisha Wan, a writer & managing director of J1 consulting. It runs many events throughout the year for women only ! Yup... thats right.... only for working women to let their hair down for once, care free, an informal environment to allow them to make new friends, to gain more experience and most importantly to be themselves & to have loads and loads of fun !!

The next event is themed red - Red hot sexy event !!! This is held in conjunction to their 5th anniversary. Its really up to your imagination how you want to 'appear' on that day. I've been cracking my head the last few days and I've yet to decide.... the clock is ticking away with no mercy

As far as I know, Its gonna be an exciting evening, from pole dancing to an eligible bachelor entering the women only territory for the first time in 5 years, from best dressed contest to door gifts from the sponsors, it is going to be an unforgettable day. I cant keep myself calm any longer.... why is Friday the 14th so far ?!

Here are some of the agenda lined up for the members

1. WeVents 5th anniversary best dressed 
10 ladies will be chosen based on their attire and creativity. 1st and 2nd runner up will be named red princess and the winner will be crowned the Queen

2. Watch pole dancing and be mesmerized courtesy of Viva Vertical Malaysia

3.  Have a chance to try out super delicious Nutty Coco ice cream !
Yup.... there is food too ! We enjoy food anywhere, anytime and dieting will not be on anyone's mind on that day 

4. Will be able to hear the president of the Desmodonna Club's story

5. Watch an eligible bachelor enter the women's territory

If you would like to read my other posts on WeVents.... click on the links below

Friday, 7 August 2015

Blogging 101 workshop

Blogging 101 Workshop 

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my very first Blogging workshop. I was looking for something similar to this for the longest time possible since I started blogging and so when I heard about this, I wasted no time at all. I Immediately gave my name without even giving it a second thought, without even looking at my on call roster ! But thank god my call didnt clash at the end of the day

The workshop is organised by Tammy, the founder of Butterfly Project - a community for beauty and fashion bloggers. She has been working very hard for weeks to put this together with her other speakers...... it certainly paid off well ! Read on to find out more.........

The event was held at the The Canvas, Damansara on the 20th of June. It was a 4 hour event, to bring the new and upcoming bloggers together under one roof to introduce, update, educate & at the same time inspire them to be the best in their field of interest in the blogging world.

A total of 4 speakers, including Tammy were ready to guide us through our blogging journey. Let me introduce the speakers in detail...

First Speaker  - TAMMY LIM

Tammy - Founder of Butterfly Community
Source : Tammy FB

Like I've mentioned earlier, she is the founder of the Butterfly Community and the main person behind this Blogging 101 workshop. She was also featured as the top 10 popular female bloggers in Malaysia with over 3,000 followers on her instagram. She works with many beauty and fashion brands across the country and also currently the beauty editor for Althea Korea. I've personally met her a couple of times, and I think she is very friendly and very inspiring!

Second speaker - LEONARD

Source : Leonard FB

He is a PR & social media advocate. He believes in giving result-oriented campaigns and communications that works for organisations to achieve their objectives & bringing it to new height.

Third Speaker - Christopher

Source : Christopher FB

He is the co-founder and CEO of Social Grooves, a boutique digital agency specialising in trensetting campaigns and influencer marketing. He is also the co - founded a number of communities online notably the Young Corporate Malaysia & RandomAlphanets.com

Fourth Speaker - ARPITA KAUR

Arpita Kaur
Source : Arpita FB

Last but not least, our fourth speaker is Arpita. She graduated with Masters of Science in Economic Crime Management, Law & Psychology. I've personally met her a couple of times too in the other blogging events. A very down to earth kinda person and very jovial.

Here is a lil recap of what I've learnt about the world of blogging & maybe.... just maybe you can pick up some useful tips for your blogging too !!

20 Tips for your Blogging World 

1. You have to know your Niche !
Sometimes you have to know what your blog is all about ?! Are you a fashion blogger ? Are you a food blogger ? Which readers are you planning to attract ? So try and pick your Niche and write away

2. Give a catchy and cool headlines
Readers can follow many number of social influencers, so what attracts them to your blog in particular? To start of with why not spend a lil more time to come up with a really cool headlines !

3. Promote your blog
Use other means of social platforms to share your posts

4. Make sure your content can be ranked highly

5. It isn't enough to just post and end it
You have to have additional posts to follow up & maybe write about your readers feedbacks

6. Write from the heart !

7. Its OK to be truthful
The blog is yours and you can give an honest opinion but do not give wrong information

8. When drafting a complaint letter
Dont be overly emotional
Be professional

9. Give something new
Readers are looking for something new and exciting. Dont bore them with the same old stuff

10. Content is of great importance, but we must not underestimate the value of style
Have your own unique style. Readers come to your blog because they like the way you write.

11. Always post regularly

12. Always give credit
When you're given a product to review for free, always credit it back to them !
Never forget to thank your brands

13. Please give the correct and accurate information

14. Use pictures in your blogs
Take good pictures, its never too late to polish your photography skills

15. What goes online, stays online even if you take it out
So keep in mind copyright issues and web content law

16. Talk to famous and professional bloggers
Find out about their challenges to perfecting their skills at blogging. Its not an easy road for them too.

17. You can use the words like, ''In my humble opinion'' when you review your products.
Its your blog, and your opinion..... so you cant go wrong !

18. Have a facebook group and invite everyone with similar interest
That way you can have more traffic to your blog. You can share your views and read other related posts too

19. Always have a name card !!
Its the best way to promote your blog

20. Get to know your readers !

Here are some of the photos taken during the event

The event was held at Canvas, Damansara 

Aaron Aw, a comedian who made us laugh our heads off, Tehmina Kaoosji, MC for the event, And the 4 speakers - Leonard, Tammy, Arpita and Christopher

A selfie is a must at all events 

Aaron Aw with his interesting ways to make us crack. Seen here with Tammy

I would also like to thank the supporters for this event ! Because of them I got to try out a few new things

1. Uber
This is an app that connects you with a reliable ride. I had a chance to take Uber to the event at Damansara. No hassle of looking for parking spaces... something that I really like and plus not getting lost in the midst

Taking Uber to the event at Canvas, Damansara

2. Bloom this
Thanks to them I received beautiful Gerbera 
Read about them here -Bloom This 

Pretty Gerbera

3. Arristo & Delicca
This is a premium catering service passionate about catering premium coffee and delicious pastry to the market. Im not a coffee lover but they do have hot chocolate and that was delicious ! And their pastries were so rich & tasty

Arristo & Delicca Premium coffee

4. Tony Moly
They bring best of beauty to today's modern women who relishes her individuality. From skin care products to skin perfecting make up and trendy eye and lip colours, there is something for everyone to try out 

Tony Moly - Goat Milk range os skin care products 

A beautiful Tony Moly pouch - Im loving the bling bling

5. Mrlens
They provide you with reasonably priced contact lenses and care products

MrLens contact lens
You are free to use this voucher code to purchase from them - T & C applies 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Bloom This

I recently got to know about Bloomthis thanks to Blogging 101 project I recently attended weeks ago. Bloomthis is a service where you can subscribe and send flowers to your loved ones or to yourself !

Now who wouldnt want to receive luxury flowers right ?!  Imagine going back home after a long tiring day at work and seeing a box of flowers waiting to be opened. It immediately changes ones mood giving you the joy and excitement of unboxing the lil surprise that you just received from a loved one. You can send it to anyone on your mind, it can be your next door neighbour, your parents or to your better half. You can also send it to yourself and be surprised cause you wouldn't know what flowers you may get.... its like a lil surprise from them !!

 Bloom This Malaysia 

They have 3 types of deliveries, and you are free to choose the best option that you prefer. They have a one off delivery called the Signature, Quinzena which is the fortnightly/month or Sabbath which is weekly/month

Signature - Single Delivery

Quinzena - Fortnightly/Month

Sabbath - Weekly/Month

How it works ?

Well its pretty simple. Firstly get an account with them and send a one off Bloom This bouquet or subscribe to regular deliveries to yourself or your loved ones. 

The fresh flowers will be sent every Thursdays in a bespoke box
It's a different surprise every week for anyone that receives them.

Ones you receive your fresh flowers, take as many selfies as you like with the bouquet and you're free to upload it on your instagram account.... lol !! 

Read on to find out what I received from Bloom This

The fresh flower comes in a bespoke box hence you can be assured that your flowers are safe. You cant see what flowers you received straight-away so that gives a little element of surprise before you unbox it. The word BloomThis is printed in bold letters on the box. You can also check their website add from the box
Bespoke box - Bloomthis 

Here is your solid proof of the surprise here ! The kids went crazy and couldnt wait to open to find out what was inside

The kids were surprised to see the box

Once you open the box, you see a beautifully tied bow using a ribbon. It comes with two cards kept just under the ribbon

A beautifully tied ribbon once you open the Bloom this box

The first card lets you ponder a bit into space......

Mine said - '' The secret of getting ahead is getting started ''  -- Mark Twain 

The second card tells you what flowers you just received from them. Mine was Gerbera with 3 different colours - Red, Yellow & Orange. This helps you to identify the flowers and appreciate it even more. 

Once you flip the card - it gives you some tip on how to beautifully arrange them 

1. Fill 1/3 water in the vase

2. Remove the water capsule from the flowers

3. Place the flowers in the vase. Put it at a cool place

Note :  To lengthen the lifespan of your bouquet, change the water daily and trim the flower stem at a slant every few days 

Pictures of my bouquet 

Bouquet of Gerbera flowers by Bloom This 

A closer look at my Gerbera - comes in 3 colours 

Red & Yellow Gerbera flowers

Red Gerbera flowers

Water Capsule 

A closer look at the water capsule 

Links that might help you 

1. Bloom this Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bloomthis

2. Bloom this Website - http://bloomthis.co/

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Great Heroic Experience

Watsons Malaysia Launched great heroic experiences to its Watsons VIP members recently......

Asia's leading health & beauty retailer - Watsons 

Marvel's Avengers : Age of Ultron

Always a pleasure to be invited for a Red Carpet Gala Event, whether its for a fashion show or to watch a blockbuster movie. Many die hard fans comprised of Watsons celebrity friends, suppliers, business partners, members of the media, bloggers and Watsons VIP members were invited for a special screening of Marvel's Avengers : Age of Ultron in a glittering event at the GSC Pavilion KL.

Among some of the personalities at the event were Dato'  Richard Teo, Datin Winnie Loo, Julie Woon, Lavin Seow, Sarah Lian, Chermaine Poo, Linora Low & Kit Mah. Hansen Lee was the master of the ceremony of the star-studded event.

Red Carpet Interview with Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia

''Watsons have always known to be in the forefront of innovation campaigns and have been organising many money cant buy experiences for their Watsons VIP members. Do look out for more excitements from us soon,'' said Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia.

Well what are they doing this time for their members ?! 

Watsons is giving away 4 pairs of Heroic Trips which was featured in the blockbuster movie to Seoul, West Hollywood, Italian Alps and New York City when customers sign up or upgrade to the limited edition Watsons VIP cards, or when they shop RM80 at Watsons inclusive of 1 Listerine item. This contest is organised in partnership with Johnson & Johnson.

Launching of  Watsons limited card with Avengers sticker
Kulvinder Birring, Watsons Malaysia managing director and Noor Farilla Abdullah chief operating officer of Touch and Go, unveiled the special limited edition Watsons VIP card 

A campaign microsite, www.watsonsheroic.com has been set up where customers can check out all the exciting activities organised by Watsons.

The limited edition Watsons VIP member card can be purchased at Watson's stores or Online Store at only RM20 for new sign up and upgrade.

The Avengers - Red carpet event by Watsons Malaysia

4 lucky winners will win one of the Heroic Experiences, so get your VIP card now at Watsons Malaysia

4 pairs of Heroic Trips up for grabs 

Links that you might be interested

Watsons Malaysia FB - https://www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia

Watsons Website - http://www.watsons.com.my/

Campaign Microsite - http://www.watsonsheroic.com/