Monday, 22 December 2014


2014 is almost ending ! Can't believe this year just went past in a blink of an eye. A lot of wonderful moments to cherish this year.... mainly my brother's wedding which took place a couple of weeks ago. My relatives from all over the country came down to witness this memorable event. During this time, I realised food delivery to your door step is the utmost important thing. We had a lot work piled up, a week before the wedding, everyone had their own task to handle & hence there were so little time to think about cooking for the whole family & cleaning up. The best way to get food delivered to you was from a reliable online food delivery service.

And so here I am today, to introduce FoodPanda, an online food delivery service that is both reliable & quick.


This is what FoodPanda has to say about them in their website :

We are a small team of problem solvers, designers, thinkers and tinkers, working around the clock to make Foodpanda the most powerful online tool for food delivery in the universe. We believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun! We wanted something simpler, so we made it.

There are an online food delivery service to help you save lots of time. You can forget about having to queue for your food at a restaurant / cafe, forget about waiting in a jam just to pick up your food or even eating the same fast food over and over again ! 

There are here to help save our precious time by connecting us to great food. It does not matter whether you're at work in the office or at home, they will still deliver your food to your doorstep. The website gives you detail of restaurants nearby you and the foods & beverages that they offer. So all you have to do is go through the list and pick what you like to order.... yup its that simple :) 

Work piled up at the Office and you have no time to get to a restaurant ?! FoodPanda is here to solve this for you

You can choose from over 500 restaurants, some of which are popular international chains like Tony Roma's, Kenny Rogers, Sushi King, Gongcha, A&W rootbeer, Cubes Pizza, Sakae Sushi and Italiannies. You can also order wide range of cuisines like Malay food, Indian food, Middle Eastern, Western food or Sushi. Drinks are not an issue too........ you can choose Chatime, Starbucks, Denise Wines and many more. You just have to let your imaginations go wild. 

                   might think its difficult to order online, or you're not sure on how or where to start ordering from, or you might even be thinking of the hassle of registration online prior to the delivery. Well... fret not ! I have tried & tested and hence I can guarantee you that the process is very simple. I will take you step by step on how to order from FoodPanda

And I can't believe that this statement is actually coming from me! I do not work with laptops like many others out there ..... so Im definitely not a tech savvy. I practically prefer going to the banks to do my usual errant, I prefer going to the restaurants to get my meals, but after knowing about this wonderful site I think otherwise....

We decided to eat lunch at home on a lazy Sunday. My husband was away and plus I had to babysit my neighbours kid as well. Now for me to handle 3 kids all by myself during a meal is very difficult if Im going to eat at a restaurant. They will definitely drive me up the wall at a particular restaurant by creating a lot of mess and making a lot of noise that might disturb the other customers. Hence, I've decided to order from FoodPanda. The kids can have their own pace to eat and I dont have think about the mess that they create. Its a Win-Win situation. And I was so proud of the idea. So sit back & read on as I assist you on this 

Step 1

Click on this link - As you click on the link, this is what you see.
Click the Log in / Register button on the top right corner

Step 2 

Register an account with . As you click on the Log in / Register button this is what you see. 
Create an account by filling up your particulars.

Step 3 

Enter your city & area. Click find restaurants 

Step 4

Surf the site for your preferred restaurants..... you will have plenty of choices ! When I entered my city & area, I had a list of 50 restaurants to choose from. Guess what ?! You can also filter them according to your preferences.

Step 5 

How to filter according to your preferences ? Well at the left hand side, you see a column like this. You can choose what you prefer, for example you have a choice of Halal & Non- Halal food, if you're looking only for beverages, to find out if pre-order & pick ups are possible or you're looking for extra perks like if the restaurants offer any Deals. You can also filter by choosing what Cuisines you like, Malaysian food, fast food, Pizza, Cakes, sandwiches or seafood. 

I wanted a restaurant that offers both Western & Malaysian food and that comes along with beverages. So I clicked on Western, Malaysian food and beverages( as you see from the picture above)  and I had a few restaurants to choose from. 

Step 6

It also shows you their delivery time and delivery charges. Once you have filtered and decided which restaurant you want, just click 'Go to menu' and have fun choosing the dishes & beverages that you like. 

Step 7 

As you choose your dishes it appears on the right hand side like this. It gives you the list of what you have ordered, the quantity, the price of each dish, the total amount that you need to pay. Once you have checked your list,Click 'Proceed to checkout'

Step 8 

You can now review your order again. If you need to add more dishes or remove a certain dish, you can still do so by clicking 'Change Order' at the top right hand corner. You can choose your delivery time, whether you want them ASAP or choose 'later' and give them the exact date and timing. I wanted them to deliver as soon as possible and so I clicked on it. Once you're done click 'Checkout'

Step 9

You're done ! Continue your work routine or relax by watching TV while the FoodPanda delivers food right to your doorstep !! 

40 minutes later 

Hey...... guess who was at the front door 20 minutes earlier than expected !! Its the friendly delivery guy from FoodPanda. The kids were starving & were very excited when he came all smiling with 3 big bags full of yummy food. He was not only very friendly but also very professional & that impressed me.

Mr.Rizal - the delivery guy from FoodPanda

The delivery guy's name is Mr.Rizal and he has been with the FoodPanda team for the past 6 months. He said he loves his job, though its quite challenging to go through traffic to deliver the food on time. He sometimes need to deliver upto 20 customers a day. Just before he left my place, he also said if I was not satisfied with the delivery or if I had any issues with the service I could contact FoodPanda's Customer Service.

Our 3 bags full of yummy food delivered on time for lunch 

Look what the kids spotted on his t-shirt !! My younger one loves pandas since he first saw them in our Zoo Negara. So this got him all excited. He still asks me if the 'panda guy is coming with food again to our place !

Can you spot their number? If you have a problem or a question that you would like to clarify with them, 
just call this number : 1-300-800-262  

The food that I ordered, came nicely packed, nothing was spilt and was delivered right one time.  The best part was, the food was pipping hot ! It was ready to eat and hence I didnt have to microwave it or reheat it, thanks to the efficient food delivery service

Nothing was spilt or ruined thanks to the efficient food delivery service 

The food was delivered pipping hot so I didnt have to reheat it again

The kids enjoyed their meal, I managed to save time plus it was easier to manage the kids at the comfort of my own home. 

You can also download FoodPanda app on mobile for easy ordering. Its Free of charge


Step 1 

Click the link below & install the FoodPanda app



Step 2 

Once you have successfully installed the app, you see this. Choose your county and your preferred language. Click on 'Get Started'

Step 3 

Once you have entered your city & area click 'Get Started'. You will see a list of restaurants for you to choose from.

Step 4 

You can filter according to your choices. The rest of the steps are similar to the once I have explained earlier. 

Any birthday's coming up ? You want to have a candle light dinner at the comfort of your home ? Or you want to organize a family dinner ? Thinking of surprising your loved one ?  Food panda is ready  to deliver the food of your choice to any place that you request.

So what are you waiting for ?! Try Food Panda delivery service this Christmas. Share your experience here if you have ordered with them before !

Here are more links to connect you with food panda

1.  Food Panda facebook -

2. Food Panda website -

3. Food Panda Apps  -



I  am proud to be part of the Butterfly Project Malaysia and would like to thank them for believing in me as a blogger & giving me plenty of opportunities. Check them out here for more updates


  1. I have Food Panda on my phone too! I've never used it to order yet though. I'll have to try it asap!

  2. Nice post. We have a service like this in the UK called JustEat. I love the fact the driver wears a panda t-shirt.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  3. I've not heard of food panda, but anythign with a panda on it has a soft spot for me haha x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  4. I never heard about this brand. But the name look so cute

  5. Really a very convenient app. I've downloaded it a while back but then deleted it because I didn't really get to use it.

  6. I've used their service once and it's really convenient. Glad that you had a positive experience with them because I heard some negative comments before this.

  7. Looks very nice!
    Somehow the panda shirt looks creepy xD
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  8. I've heard of this before, never had the chance to try it yet! =) Sounds great!

  9. I have joined this review too. But i have some bad experience with them unfortunately. Giglove

  10. Previously I order using foodpanda app!.Fast service and love everything about foodpanda

  11. I order a lot through food panda! Mostly the orders are on time but have faced a few problems from a couple of restaurant. However it's a great way to order food.

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  12. It sounds like a wonderful and extremely helpful app.

  13. food panda is also available in my country. but i never try it before.
    maybe soon i will try it :D

  14. it's always nice to have someone send food over especially when we are busy with work!

  15. uk has something very similar called just eat. ive used it a few times

  16. Sounds like a great service. We have a few similar apps/websites here that I'd had great success with! <3 GIGLove

  17. This sounds so convenient... And how cute and happy do the little ones look ��

  18. Food Panda offers amazing services and I use it as often as I can. GIG Love :)

  19. Very cool app! I definitely love delivered food and this company seems to know exactly how to do it right!


    Andréa Christine | My Heel Collection

  20. Never use it before but I guess it's time to have a try ;)

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