Tuesday, 6 January 2015

WEVents - Presenting The Real You

The Real You by WEVents

Couple of weeks ago my friends & I attended yet another event by WEVents. 
Their previous event was called The Retro Night. Read all about it here The Retro You

This time its themed 'The Real You'

It got me thinking a lil, and I wanted to join this for sure. I immediately messaged my friends & everyone was keen to participate.

What ?! Who ?! Where ?! 

The Real You - Is it all about being true to yourself  ? Your faith ? Being who you really are and being comfortable just the way you look and feel without pretending ?! 

In summary - Yes ! 
How a simple yet natural make up can change the way you see & feel about yourself
You dont have to be dramatic and change the way you look completely, you dont have to add too much of make up and use all the products that is available at the store near you just because someone says so .

And guess who came to share their tips & secret  ?! Bobbi Brown of course !! Mrs Carina from Bobbi Brown, who is also a working mum came to share some useful tips on how we can be comfortable yet be confident just by a touch of a lil magic. 

Bobbi Brown 

It was held early this month at Delicious in St Mary's Residence

As soon as we got there, we were asked to register & we got our goodie bags ! A female magazine, a couple of Bobbi Brown products and vouchers.... I was smiling ear to ear! Not only we get to be part of their event but also get to take their lovely goodies back home.... thats like double joy :)

Participants collecting their goodie bags 

While waiting for others to arrive, we decided to grab some food. They had a wide spread of delicious finger food & desserts.

While happily munching away, I was approached by one of the WEVEnts team member. She asked me if I wanted to be a Bobbi Brown Model for the day.

Hmm.... Should I or shouldnt I ?! It was so sudden, I didnt have much time to think, I decided to accept the wonderful offer. But little did I know, that this offer comes with an interview too !

So the whole event was becoming more & more exciting.

Bobbi Brown's make up tools & products

Betty & I were asked to come forward. Our previous make up was removed by the help of our experienced Bobbi Brown make up artists. They have been with Bobbi Brown for more than 10 years. So just imagine how experienced each of them would be.

Getting my make up removed before the makeover

Mrs. Carina shared her tips on how to look beautiful with simple tips and tricks. The Bobbi Brown make up can do wonders to your skin, it can improve your complexion, hide your dark circles, reduces your age & it gives you the perfect glow.

Mrs. Carina sharing her tips 

As for me, I need something to hide my dark circles. I dont get the usual 6-8 hours of sleep, so I cant depent on sleep to improve my dark circles. This is mainly because I work late nights. When I come back home, I have 2 lil toddlers who constantly get up in the middle of nights. So she gave us tips on how to use the corrector & concealer to hide the dark circles.

Corrector -  This helps to neutralise the darkness below the eyes and is to be used before the concealer. It also helps to brighten the dark circles

Concealer - Similar to foundation, it helps to hide different pigments. Helps to make skin more uniform in colour.

This is me after the makeover ! I cant see my dark circles !

This is Betty after her makeover. She is looking great !

A few days ago, I saw this in the papers !! Was thrilled to see myself in the papers. 

Encouraging women to look fabulous article in NST

All in all in was a wonderful event. Definitely everyone would have learnt great tips to try it out at home. A make up that gives you that natural look that you've always been longing for & a look that is simple yet powerful is right at your finger tips when you use these wonderful products

WEVents ?! 

Now some of you would like to know what is WEVents

Its actually first of its kind - Women only men not invited social event for women organised by women.

Its organised by working women & they are all volunteers. Most of their events are held in a casual environment like where this event - The Real You was held at St Mary's Residence. It brings the working ladies together for a fun & entertaining evening where they can mingle and make friends while sharing their ideas

Who started it ?

Jeanisha Wan
Source : Bizstart

Jeanisha Wan is the founder of WEVents in the year 2010. She is a also a columnist with various publications since 2012. A wonderful women inside and out ! I personally met her twice. The first was at the The Retro Event. The second time was during this event - The Real You ! She complimented on my make over with Bobbi Brown and said I had that wonderful natural look.

The first president

Tammy Lim
Source : Tammy FB 

The first president of WEVents is Tammy Lim. Many know her through The Butterfly Project. Its a community made up of beauty & lifestyle bloggers from Malaysia. She gives opportunity to many upcoming bloggers and seasoned bloggers. I personally met her once at Muse By Watson for the launch of Bollywood Professional. She was very down to earth, friendly & encouraging. She had inspired many bloggers to follow their heart and speak their mind in their blogs. She also has her own blog called Plusizekitten.com 

The pictures here are all from the WEVents facebook page as I was in front the whole time getting my make over done by the Bobbi Brown Artists. So for more pictures, check their facebook page ! 

The links that you might be interested in 

WEVents website - http://www.wevents.com.my/


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