Sunday, 22 November 2015

Aladdin, a musical comedy

The classic fantasy - Aladdin

We all love the all time classic - The Aladdin. Who wouldn't ? We would have heard this story over and over again during our early years. Its the first ever story that has taught us about genie and a flying carpet. Those were the two magical words back then.....and its still is

This story always brings back loads of memories esp to me. I remember very vaguely taking my lil brother to watch the movie back in 1992.... a fantasy that would always linger in your mind. The bravery of a young man, the genie that grants you wishes and the love between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine........

And now how would you feel if you could just watch this all over again.... the whole fantasy coming alive in front of you !!!

Let me introduce a new musical comedy that's happening near you !

Aladdin, a musical comedy 


The whole fantasy comes alive structured in a musical way. Loads of singing and dancing that will make you wanna stand up and dance along.

It was held at the PJ live Arts at Jaya one.

Venue - PJ Live Arts

Waiting for the play to start

I brought both my lil ones for the 8pm show. I knew that they will doze off at 9 as it was their usual bed time....... but boy was I wrong ! Both were wide awake, and they were actually jumping up and down and laughing their heads off literally. Even the younger one who was only 3 years, kept humming to the beats and tried singing along with the cast.

The Play was fun and very interactive. The actors were communicating with the kids the whole time. You just cant doze off even for a second. The kids joined Aladdin and the evil wizard Abanaza in their quest to retrieve the magic lamp from the cave.


The evil wizard - Abanaza

This play boasts strong cast both young and talented actors. And famous ones too !
Some of the famous ones are Rashid Salleh, Peter Davis, Tria Aziz and Jayson Phuah

This Arabian classic was twisted to our very own culture and taste. If you know our Malaysian politics, be prepared to just laugh your hearts out..... This guys are just too hilarious for words. So much of efforts were definitely put in to this play. I wouldn't mind watching it again....

The adults enjoyed as much as the kids I would say. They did cater for the whole family. I would suggest the whole family to go and watch this play. It not only brings back the Arabian classic fantasy back into the front seat but also gives you the satisfaction and wonderful memory to bring back home.......

Here are the details of the Play

Aladdin musical comedy at PJ live Arts

If you have not heard about them yet.... its still not to late. The musical play will be held till the 29th of this month.... another 6 more shows to go. So what are you waiting for ?! Quickly get your tickets...

Some of the shots taken at the event held a few days ago

The lil one posing just before the play

Many young talented actors 

The genie and the evil wizard - Abanaza

The main cast 

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