Saturday, 21 February 2015

Skin Advanced Launch

Skin advanced skincare
The platinum soothing & hydrating solution for sensitive skin

Watsons Malaysia recently launched Skin Advanced at the Cyberview Lodge resort & Spa. This all new revolutionary Derma skincare caters for those who have sensitive skin like mine. The complete range of product includes

1. Cleansing Milk

2. Jelly Toner

3. Facial Lotion

4. Sleeping Mask 

5. Spring Spray 

Skin Advanced is developed by cosmetics experts in Japan, Dr. Tadahiro Shimada using ''6+ 6-'' , an advanced process that counterbalance the effects of today's busy cosmopolitan men & women, providing them round the clock protection for even the most delicate skin

What is this ''6+ 6-''? I was not aware of this until now too.

It basically adds 6 vital skin friendly natural ingredients while subtracting 6 common artificial additives and preservatives, making it optimal solution for those with senstivite skin

The 6 vital skin friendly natural ingredients that are included are

Platinum Nano Particles     Alpine Glacial Water     

Yuzu Ceramide

Resveratrol         B-glucan

Hyaluronic Acid 

The 6 artificial additives & preservatives that are subtracted are

Chemical Preservatives          Artificial Pigment


UV Absorbers                         Fragrance

                      Mineral Oil 

Like I have mentioned before, the Skin Advanced products are infused with these 6+ 6- that improves the skin's hydration level and rejuvenates skin elasticity, fight against environmental damage and enhances the skin's antioxidant properties. 

At the launch event by Watsons a couple of days ago, there was a chat session with Sarah Lian & Hansen Lee (celebrities ), Dr. Lim Ting Song, Dermatologist and with Ms. Milca Boon, the Skin Advanced Specialist. 

Hansen Lee who is an established actor, TV host and a fitness junkie spoke about how the new Skin Advanced products has helped him in his daily routine. As he has back to back shows and sometimes involving outdoor shooting, his skin tends to get dry & dehydrated. This particularly is a huge minus point for him as he has to look good in front of the camera. Hence, he has found his solution by using the Skin Advanced - Spring Spray. This had helped him by giving his skin a smooth feeling and helping him maintain a good complexion.  

Hansen Lee at the Skin Advanced launch by Watsons Malaysia
His personal favourite is Spring Spray 

Sarah Lian, an actress versatile in film, television & theatre loves particularly the sleeping mask. She says that it nourishes her skin well and its so gentle on her delicate skin at the same time. 

Skin Advanced skincare products can be obtained at the Watsons near you. Sarah Lian adds, that Watsons has been consistently introducing new products for Malaysians, the Skin Advanced being their latest one. She also loves what Watsons stands for as it provides products for both men & women. Its a one stop centre where individuals can purchase everything they need for personal care. 

Dr. Lim Ting Song a renowned dermatologist shared about the causes of sensitive skin, why they occur and their treatment methodolgy. He agrees with Hansen Lee that guys do need to use a skincare products to treat their skin and keep them healthy. He proudly said that this skin advanced is one of the solutions for sensitive skin and he would recommend this skin care products. 

Dr. Lim Ting Song, a dermatologist shared the causes of sensitive skin at the Skin Adanced launch

Ms. Milcah Boon, the skin advanced specialist explained how the 6+ 6- advanced process can help improve our skin. She also mentioned how each vital skin friendly natural ingredients can be beneficial to us.

Platinum Nano Particles 
Boost skin hydration

Alpine Glacial Water
Soothe & rejuvenate skin elasticity

Yuzu Ceramide
Repairing & fight environmental damage

Enhance skin antioxidant's properties

B Glucan
For softer & supple skin

Hyaluronic Acid
Replenish & lock in moisture

Following the chat session was the official launch of Skin Advanced

Official launch of Skin Advanced by Watsons Malaysia at Cyberview Resort & Spa
Group photo - From left : Dr. Lim Ting Song, Dermatologist; Sarah Lian, celebrity host; Danny Hoh, Head of marketing Watsons Malaysia; Penny Chin, Senior product development manager Watsons Malaysia; Hansen Lee, celebrity host; Milcah Boon, Skin advanced specialist

We were then treated with a special facial spa using the Skin Advanced product at the Sembunyi Spa.

Facial treatment at Sembunyi Spa using the Skin Advanced full range

These are the products that was used during the facial spa

1. Skin Advanced Cleansing Milk
This is a soap free cleansing formula that can gently cleanse to remove light makeup & impurities. I felt this was very refreshing & my skin felt soft and supple

2. Skin Advanced Jelly Toner
This is a smooth and delicate aqueous gel that easily penetrates into skin to balance the PH level. I love how the texture felt on my skin, it gave a cooling effect.

3.  Skin Advanced Facial Lotion
This is a lightweight nourishing lotion that reloads the skin with nutrients & moisture to counter balance the effect of everyday stress. I felt very soothing and refreshed while using this on my skin. 

4. Skin Advanced Sleeping Mask
This provides intensive hydration and repairing while you sleep. I also loved how it felt on my skin, it was so gentle yet powerful, giving you the perfect relaxation while the mask was on

5. Skin Advanced Spring Spray 
This is a mist that helps keep skin hydrated and fresh all day long. This is one of my favourite ! I wanted more mist on my skin. It was so refreshing and I love that cooling effect on my skin. Its so light I can even carry in my handbag wherever I go. This is definitely a must have

These Skin Advanced Full Range can be obtained Watsons near you !! So go grab it fast.... 

A special thanks to Watsons Malaysia for inviting me for this wonderful & refreshing event 

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  12. I saw spa treatment and I just went "WANT!"

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