Sunday, 22 March 2015

Rebirth of the Legend

Puteri Gunung Ledang - Rebirth of the Legend 

Today marks day 3 since the opening of Puteri Gunung Ledang - Rebirth of the Legend. Many had the chance to catch this musical live at the Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur. 

This concert is being staged in conjuction with the 10th anniversary of Puteri Gunung Ledang - the movie. 

As soon as I finished work on Friday, I rushed home to sort out the kids & immediately left to witnessed the biggest concert of the year by Enfiniti Vision Media. The company was started by Tiara Jacquelina who plays the lead role in the PGL movie and also takes up the lead role in this musical.  

The Enfiniti group has a well know reputation among the entertainment industry and I was excited to be able to catch their first show on 19th of March. I wanted to see what they had, up their sleeves this time around. Read on to find out further

The traffic was pretty much decent for a Friday night, thank god for that. I reached early at Istana Budaya and so decided to snoop around a little 

Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur - where the Rebirth of the Legend is being staged 

Istana Budaya - Walkway towards the main Auditorium 

A beautiful customised backdrop was set up right in front of the main auditorium where the musical was going to be staged. I could already see many taking selfies and posing in front of the backdrop. Of course me included, couldnt resist the backdrop with the gorgeous Tiara Jacquelina on it.

The backdrop at the Rebirth of the Legend Musical Concert

The backdrop with the all the stars of the show 

They had Puteri Gunung Ledang merchandise up for grabs. You can choose one of the many items that were on display or more if you're one of their biggest fans. They had T-shirts with the PGL logo, badges, magnets, landyards and song book. They also had customised coffee table book, movie DVD's and Movie blue ray box set. It makes a great gift if you have a friend or family members who are a great fan of PGL. 

PGL merchandise - Badges

PGL merchandise - Magnets

A wide range of  PGL merchandise at Istana Budaya

Once I got my tickets, I headed towards the auditorium. By then the crowd was overwhelming. I could see people from all walks of life waiting to be seated. Im stepping into Istana Budaya after a long break and hence the auditorium looks all new & revamped. 

My Puteri Gunung Ledang tickets !

The stage is set up with the Puteri Gunung Ledang written in Red Bold Letters. As we all know, red is a colour of blood & fire. It symbolises war, danger, strength and power. On the other spectrum it also symbolises Love, passion and desire. By looking at it so much of thought runs through your mind, the love triangle between Puteri Gunung Ledang, Hang Tuah and the Sultan. So much has been put to thought that even the colours of the letters mean someting more than just being a colour. 

The Puteri Gunung Ledang in Concert

The opening act was beautiful. Lovely group of dances in white danced gracefully. They had to co-ordinate the movements well as they were dancing on an uneven platform - that was a bit tricky I thought. As you we watched them, Tiara Jacquelina appears from the 'sky' with some cool acrobatic movements. She rejoins the other dances to complete their first song sequence. 

The first song sequence after Tiara Jacquelina lands fron the 'sky'

The first song sequence of PGL in concert

It was very personalised I felt. In between each sequence, she explains how she feels about a particular song or how she felt being the 'Puteri' in the movie. After 10 years since the movie was played, she still has a strong connection towards the roll 'Puteri' that lingers around her. 

The gorgeous Tiara Jacquelina perfoming a song sequence

She also introduced Ida Mariana as one of her closed friend who stood by her through difficult times. A friend that she can always count on anytime. Ida Mariana was full of character and took charge of the stage immediately. She did a solo song and also with Tiara Jacquelina 

Ida Mariana and Tiara Jacquelina 

 Next comes, Stephen Rahman Hughes as Hang Tuah. They nicknamed him as Hang Tuah Mat Salleh. He landed from London a couple of weeks ago and was equally good at performing the dance and the songs with such short timing. He was very much like a warrior with his toned body and danced like a pro. His opening act was a bit of a retro twist with him being the Mat Salled Hang Tuah. At the background, you could see the many faces of Stephen Rahman in superhero comic way. 
He and Tiara did a duet overlooking the moon. Ahhh.... that does bring back a lot of memories of the movie

Stephen Rahman Hughes and Tiara Jacquelina 

 As its a live performance, unfortunately there was a technical error in between for less that 3 minutes. The music didnt play at the baackground like it supposed to and they had to stop for a couple of minutes to correct it. But the show resumed immediately. 

AC Mizal came as Raja Majapahit and Adlin Rahman Ramlie as Sultan Mahmud. Adlin is also the concert director for this musical and I think he did an excellent job ! Both of them brought so much of humor to the musical. They were spontaneous, funny and went with the flow. Humor must be their second name. 

I must highlight here that the props used in this musical was just brilliant ! For an example the big elephant that brought Sultan Mahmud to the stage was something very unique and interesting. The number of triangles on the elephant symbolises love triangle that happens. 

AC Mizal & Adlin Aman Ramlie with the great props used at the Musical 

The LED visuals were magnificent, choreographed well and you could feel that you're transported to that era where it all began. Its a show that it Refreshed, Reconstructed and Re-imagined.  

You still have 2 more days to catch the live performance. You can also get up close and personal with the lead actors and actresses by getting your VIP passess. So what are you waiting for ? Book your seats now before its too late

Get your tickets soon from / 03-77251177

Puteri Gunung Ledang in Concert - Rebirth of the Legend 

20 - 24th March 2015

At Istana Budaya


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Chu Lip Lipbalm

Chu Lip by Mentholatum

Lip Balms have become the in thing among the youngsters. The texture is like wax like, applied on the lips to give that extra moisture that you've always been longing for while protecting from the external exposure. The skin around the lips are so thin that usually there are the first to get dry and makes you look unhealthy. 

Founded in 1889, the Mentholatum Company was aware of these upcoming problem among the ladies worldwide and they have created a new line of Lip Balms to overcome the dryness of the lips. 

They created the ChuLip Lipbalm range that has funky colours of PINK, RED, PURPLE and GREEN. Its unique design, ultra moisturizing properties and easy glide on formula makes it a favourite among the ladies. 

New Lip Balm series called ChuLip by Mentholatum

There are four different scents to suit your mood. They come in a small cute packaging, readily available at all leading pharmacy  or major supermarket nearby. The price is also very reasonable - RM 25.90 for each ChuLip.  Read on to find out what each one offers.

The different ChuLip Lip Balm that comes in a dome shaped, funky colours

RED - NY, Brilliant My Way
Be dazzled with the powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose

Red Chulip - NY, Brilliant My Way

GREEN - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia
Enter the world of fairytale surrounded with the refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango

Green Chulip - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia

PURPLE - Arabian, Floral Shower
Experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove

Purple Chulip - Arabian, Floral Shower

PINK - Paris, Perfect Memories
Feel the external love of sweet berry scent with its unique mix of Rasberry and Peach flavour 

Pink Chulip - Paris, Perfect Memories 

Mentholatum is taking the popularity of the Chu Lip Lipbalm to the next level by getting Chu Lip fans to pimp up their Chu Lip lipbalm and personalizing it. 

And so 50 butterflies met up at Kara Cafe at One Utama to have loads of fun, to put on their creativity hat and just go crazy with art work to personalize their Chu Lip !! Im one of the lucky ones too.... to be able to create an interesting yet unique ChuLip lipbalm by pimping it.

Butterflies were introduced to a new range of LipBalm called Chu Lip range. They were given the opportunity to pimp their Chu Lip & personalizing it 

It was an evening of fun, and I got a chance to meet a lot of other bloggers for the first time. We exchanged ideas on how to pimp the Lipbalm. Not only did they give us a lot of colourful materials but also showed us a few other creative Chu Lip designs to help us start our project. We were each given an hour to bring out the creativity in us. To add more fun the best 6 would go back home with a Baby G watch each ! Now how cool is that ?!

Some of the materials that can be used to decorate your Chu Lip

Want to see some of the creative designs that was shown to  us before we kick started our project ?! There are no restriction as to what you can create here.  Just let your imaginations go wild and make your own personalized mastepieces . You can create miniature people, animal or just random designs that are outstanding. You can use bold colours or pastel colours. Use as many colours as you like or choose just two and make that Yin and Yang kind of art.  Add small glitters, coloured papers, use markers, glue eyes and hair on them..... Yup no restrictions at all !!

You guys can have your creativity hats on too !
To create more excitement for its fans, Mentholatum is organizing a contest in search for the most outstanding creative Chu Lip designs. Participants of this contest can decorate their Chu Lip in their own style, then take a photo of their finished creative artwork and upload it onto in order to be in the running to win an iPad Mini 3 or a set of Chu Lip Lipbalm, with 5 sets to be won. So get creative guys !! "pimp My Chu Lip" is a campaign by Mentholatum in partnership with Watsons, which will be ongoing from 5th Of March until 31st of March 2015

Pimp my ChuLip contest by Mentholatum & Watsons 

Some of the creative Chu Lip designs created by the butterflies. Is yours here ?!

Creative ChuLip design - Pimp Mu ChuLip 

These are the winners of the Pimp my Chulip at the Kara Cafe last weekend in random order.

 Would like to thank the Butterfly project and Mentholatum for inviting us for this wonderful event. Not only we got to try this new range of Lip Balm but also got to personalize it with our own style and creativity !

Good Luck for the contest guys !! I hope to see more creative designs..... Do share your masterpieces here.

Other links that you might be interested in 

Chu Lip Website -
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Puteri Gunung Ledang In Concert

Tiara Jacquelina as Puteri Gunung Ledang
Picture courtesy of Tiara Jacquelina

This is our very own epic fantasy movie. Most of you would have watched it a couple of years back. It was directed by Saw Teong Hin based on the legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang. 

A forbidden love between the princess who lived on Gunung Ledang & Hang Tuah, a warrior well known in our country. The film was directed by Tiara Jacquelina who plays the lead role in the movie. It has won many awards at the Malaysian Film Festival in 2004 that includes

Best Director

Best Screenplay

Best Art Direction

Best Music Score

The crew & the cast of this movie has collaborated again after years to bring you the musical version, The rebirth of the legend

The Puteri Gunung Ledang in concert launch was held at the NU Sentral mall a couple of days ago. Many turned up to witness the stars in action especially the ever so gorgeous Tiara Jacquelina and the handsome Stephen Rahman Hughes.

Tiara Jacquelina

Stephen Rahman Hughes

Tiara has been involved in the arts at an early age & never looked back since then. She is the managing director of Enfiniti productions, a Malaysian company in the arts & entertainment fileds. 

Asmaradana ?! Does that ring a bell ? The song is always associated with Tiara. The famous theme song in the movie sung by her. 

Stephen Rahman, an English actor took the role of Hang Tuah in the movie. He was bursting with excitement and said he was glad to see ''His Puteri'' again after many years & was excited to do the musical version of it with her.

The Puteri Gunung Ledang stars at the launch of the musical - The Rebirth of the Legend

Stephen Rahman Hughes was excited to be part the crew again for the musical version after many years

Tiara Jacquelina joked that Stephen Rahman would be singing in Malay for the musical version - or could it be real?

Tiara Jacquelina & Stephen Rahman launching the Puteri Gunung Ledang in Concert - The Rebirth of the Legend

Also present, was the no noise percussion group. A Malaysian group based in Kuala Lumpur, entertaining viewers since early 2007. Inspired by Stomp Out Loud, this group came up with their own unique style of performance. They are famous for using objects that are made for non musical purpose like household items, water pipes, car exhaust and more. Catch them with the starts of Puteri Gunung Ledang at the concert

No Noise Percussion at the Launch 

A Selfie with the Stars of Puteri Gunung Ledang

This will be the biggest concert in Istana Budaya this month. Especially for the fans, come experience the iconic & memorable scenes from the movie.

Its Refreshed, Reconstructed & Re-imagined for you all out there to enjoy in a musical way.

Its your chance to get up close & personal with the stars - Gustri Putri, Hang Tuah, Sultam Mahmud and more....... so what are you waiting for ?

Get your tickets soon from / 03-77251177

Puteri Gunung Ledang in Concert - Rebirth of the Legend 

20 - 24th March 2015

At Istana Budaya

Friday, 6 March 2015

Let's Selfie for a Good Cause

Lets take a selfie

Most of you out there love taking pictures especially selfies. Now why not take one on your bed with your bare face to help support a good cause.

Marie Claire wants to do something different from the usual norm by donating RM 10 to Women's Aid Organisation for each selfie taken with your bare face & posing based on the theme ''Wake Up For A Good Cause''

This step is taken in conjunction with the International Women's Day. The motive is to increase awareness among us and to give every women who has ever been abused, equal rights and support while raising funds to help WAO ( Women's Aid Organisation )

Thousands of women get abused out there. You might even know of someone who have been abused, threatened & almost in the verge of giving up hope to this brutal cycles. You might have witnessed with your own eyes, a women falling apart due to repeated violence caused by heartless humans. Clueless on how you can help in this complicated situation ?

Being in the medical line, I've had many patients coming to me over the years with complaints of being abused in many ways. Some can be as young as 13years. It could be verbal, physical or emotional abuse. Some women come immediately to seek medical help & support. Some come after years of being abused and majority pretends like nothing ever happened. Why ? Because of fear. Because of humiliation. Because the society might judge you differently. Because they are unsure, how they can reach for help.

I remember a few months ago, a middle aged women came to me for help at the hospital.She had bruises on her face, shoulders and legs. Her eyes was swollen and was indeed like a racoon's eye. She was all alone. Nobody accompanied her. As I asked what was the problem, she hesitated for a few seconds and then replied I fell from the stairs. I kept still, I waited for her to give me more history. But that was all I got. I asked her again 'You fell ?' She replied yes and couldnt look me in the eye. She turned away. I could see tears in her eyes. Tears of fear. Tears of pain she went through. Tears that only she could understand. I knew all along that it wasn't from a fall but a suffering that has weakened her to bits. A point where she could no longer go on. She slowly gave a brief history. Her husband was physically abusing her for months. He kicks her hard on the stomach, slaps her face repeatedly. Verbally abuses her on a daily basis ever since she lost her job due to uncertain reasons. She had to keep this to herself of the fear that he might harm her even more if news leaks out.

Many women out there have similar story, a story that has been bottled up. This is where the WAO comes into play. They create a society that is free from violence against women

WAO Objectives ( taken from WAO's website )

To provide on request to women and their children suffering from mental, physical and sexual abuse, temporary refuge services that empower and enable them to determine their own future.

To offer emotional and social support to any women who request for it, resident or otherwise, and offer support and after-care.

To undertake and encourage research into any of the factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women.

To undertake and advocate with government and non-government organisations the eradication of factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women through law, policy and institutional reforms.

To create an awareness and better understanding among individuals, public and relevant agencies on the issues of violence against women and the underlying inequalities.

In order to achieve this objectives they need your help & funds.

And here Marie Claire has taken a great step in raising funds to help aid the organisation by donating RM 10 for each selfie taken for a good cause

All you have to do to participate is to post a bare-faced selfie of yourself on Instagram from now till the 30th of April with the hashtags  #marieclairemalaysia  #mcwakeup2agoodcause and RM 10 will be donated to WAO

Mandarin Oriental KL Hotel
Source : Butterfly Project

The Butterly Project - Beauty Bloggers are supporting this step to stop violence by holding an instagram selfie activity for their members at the Mandarin Oriental KL Hotel tomorrow ( 7/3/15 ) from 2.30pm to 6pm where they can get cozy on the bed / window / bathroom and posing with their bare face at the comfort of the hotel room.


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Party Of The Century

Party Of The Century at Empire City 

You heard it right ! It was indeed a party of the century.  

The event was held on Friday, January the 23rd at Empire City. I was contemplating whether to go as our roads will be full of traffic and it might even be a standstill. In spite of this at the back of my head, I decided to finish work quickly that day and rushed back to get all dressed up. This will be the first party of the year.

It was held at Empire City, Malaysia

The theme for the night was 1920's Retro ! I decided to follow the theme & got myself a long pearl chain that will go well with my dress. If a simple yet elegant dress is accessorized properly, it could mean the difference between a jaw dropping moment or goes unnoticed.  I only had a day to decide as it was a last minute invitation. I had to make sure some elements of retro was incorporated in the outfit.

What's all the buzz about The Party of  the Century you may ask ?! 

Well for one, the celebrities that were invited for the party were in random order 

1. Paris Hilton

2. Taboo

3. 2 AM

4. Mark Vincent

5. DJ Ken 

6. Brad Blaze 

7. Him Law

The list is just fantastic don't you think ?! And to have these famous celebrities performing right in front of your eyes is just too good to be true. 

The gathering was held to welcome VIPs and guests from around the world to witness the launching of  Empire City  

 Empire City is another milestone in the Mammoth Empire Group's journey. This city is nestled in the heart of PJ which I never knew existed. This is set to be Malaysia's largest tourist destination in the near future.  Here, the old architectural styles are combined with the modern architectural designs and hence the 1920s theme ( my assumptions of course ! Could be wrong though )  It can be the ultimate spot for meetings, dining and shopping.

It was a beautiful place. You just feel as though you've been transported to the 1920s era. Everyone was in their Retro outfit.  People were caring boa's, vintage purse & wearing flapper dresses. You could see feathers, pearls and bands used as hair accesories. Why would this fashion sense fade away, one might wonder looking at the invited guests here today.

The stage was huge with the musicians at the Orchestra pit by the side. They were people everywhere. Eating and mingling with friends. Catching up on their latest gossips. Plenty of food & drinks for the invited guests.  The dance floor was packed. Would be a lil difficult to find someone here tonight. One could be at the lower ground watching the event or go up one floor, where you get a better picture of the whole event. Some private parties were going on simultaneously for the VVIPS.

The main stage with the Orchestra pit by the side

The dance floor at the Party of Century 

Guests waiting for the next performance 

The launch of the Empire City KL

The first to take the stage was 2 AM. They are well known South Korean four-member idol group. The members are Jo Kwon, Jinwoon, Seulong & Changmin. They sang a couple of songs & the crowd went crazy. Definitely a huge fan base right in our country for these young men
2 Am performing at the Party of the Century
Source : Party of the Century

Paris Hilton, New York-born granddaughter of Hilton Hotel founder Conrad Hilton flew down from Milan to Kuala Lumpur to be part of this event. This marks as her first trip to Malaysia. She was raised in Beverly Hills and began her modelling career when she joined Donald Trump during her teenage days. She danced to a few songs alongside other dancers.

Paris Hilton at the Party of the Century
Source : Party of the Century

The Hands Percussion did a very artistic drumming performance. You could feel the beats in your heart. Well choreographed contemporary theatrical drumming infused with Shigu drums. They have been part of the Malaysian performing arts since the 1990s    
Hands Percussion performing at the Party of the Century
Source : Party of the Century 

Jaime Luis Gomez, singer and rapper from the group The Black Eyed Peas took the stage towards the end. He is better known as Taboo. He brought the house down with his dancing and singing. The crowd once again went crazy and I mean Really Crazy ! Everyone was on their toes dancing to every beat and singing on top of their lungs. He just made the party so lively and energetic. I could feel myself humming to his tune. The people at the dance floor went to another level all together. Screaming, dancing and just having loads of fun. 

Taboo performing at the Party of the Century
Source : Party of the Century 

Taboo from Black Eyed Peas

Taboo entertaining the guests at the launch party 

All in all it was a great event. For more information check out their facebook page for more pictures & updates.