Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bisou Cupcakes

I settled my errands quite fast & I had another hour or so till I pick my son from pre school. It was troublesome to go back home so I decided to kill some time in Bangsar village. Checked out a few clothings from Wallis & Warehouse... they looked elegant and I felt like buying them. What stopped me ?! Well, I already got 2 dresses this week ! So I quickly decided to chill and get something to eat instead....... Immediately Bisou came to my mind. I love their cupcakes..... Yum ! I usually get Dark Secret. Its dark chocolate butter cake topped with lots of dark chocolate butter frosting.

 Dark Secret Cupcake


Their November promo cupcake was Chocolush which was almost similar to their dark secret. I decided to get that.... cant go wrong, its chocolate anyway. Its a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Its very moist, creamy & yummy ! It wasnt too sweet too.....



L'erbolario - Is derived from the word erborare which is an ancient term. It means 'to gather herbs from the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties. The founder of L'erbolario, Franco Bergamaschi and his wife, who is a biologist & cosmetologist decided to do just that - Gather herbs !! Their starting point was family recipes which then got tested and improved with research & experiments...... and this led to manufacturing natural, plant based cosmetics

One of their products are their Hedera range which i decided to check it out. The plant Hedera Helix or better know as Ivy / common Ivy / English Ivy is a flowering plant that clings & climbs on the house walls, tree trunks and waste spaces. This in the language of flowers & plants symbolises loyalty and faithfulness. With this in mind the Hedera range products was born. The antioxidant properties of the Hedera Helix extract helps protect the skin naturally.


The packaging was simple & beautiful. It comes with a bubble bath & perfumed cream for the body. 

The bubble bath ( Bagnoschiuma ) contains Hedera Helix extract, wheat amino acid surfactants, and sweet almond protein that will give you a youthful skin. Just a small tablespoon of this product gives you a voluptuous fragrant. The other one is a perfumed body cream. It contains Vitamin E from the seeds of Soja, used directly after bathing to moisturise. The absorption is rapid leaving behind a fragnance that calms you down..... which I love :)   

Friday, 1 November 2013

Maybelline New York

I had a chance to attend Maybelline New York's Catwalk to Sidewalk grand finale party that was held at Neverland Club KL. The party was held to announce the #ROCKETME2NY winner. A total of 13 finalist were there to compete in the challenge. The winners get to attend New York Fashion Week 2014 all expenses paid for.... how cool is that ?!

As you enter the club, a huge graffiti wall is placed for you to sign & write lovely messages. I just had time to scribble my name with Maybelline's lipstick. Guess who i spotted there. Yup.... that's Maybelline Malayisa's ambassador Elfira Loy :)

The 13 finalist had to undergo a few other challenges before reaching the finals. They were all good but one or two were definitely better i felt. Their final challenge was D.I.Y makeover transformation and based on this, 2 winners will be picked.

The Runway 

There were also a stellar display of make up & high fashion featuring exclusive fashion runway collaboration with Malaysia's notable fashion retailers, a dance performance and free flow of drinks & food 

One of  Maybelline Models 

After much anticipation the 2 winners were picked. I guessed as much.... they were the best two. Grats to Fifi & Wiida for winning the trip to New York fashion week.  


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