Wednesday, 12 August 2015

2 more days for the Red hot party of the year !

I cant wait to catch up with friends & fellow bloggers this Friday the 14th..... its gonna be an exciting evening for sure. Most of you readers out there would have seen my previous posts on WeVents. For those who have not stumbled upon it yet..... here is a lil introduction


It was started in 2010 ( unfortunately I didn't know about it then ) by Jeanisha Wan, a writer & managing director of J1 consulting. It runs many events throughout the year for women only ! Yup... thats right.... only for working women to let their hair down for once, care free, an informal environment to allow them to make new friends, to gain more experience and most importantly to be themselves & to have loads and loads of fun !!

The next event is themed red - Red hot sexy event !!! This is held in conjunction to their 5th anniversary. Its really up to your imagination how you want to 'appear' on that day. I've been cracking my head the last few days and I've yet to decide.... the clock is ticking away with no mercy

As far as I know, Its gonna be an exciting evening, from pole dancing to an eligible bachelor entering the women only territory for the first time in 5 years, from best dressed contest to door gifts from the sponsors, it is going to be an unforgettable day. I cant keep myself calm any longer.... why is Friday the 14th so far ?!

Here are some of the agenda lined up for the members

1. WeVents 5th anniversary best dressed 
10 ladies will be chosen based on their attire and creativity. 1st and 2nd runner up will be named red princess and the winner will be crowned the Queen

2. Watch pole dancing and be mesmerized courtesy of Viva Vertical Malaysia

3.  Have a chance to try out super delicious Nutty Coco ice cream !
Yup.... there is food too ! We enjoy food anywhere, anytime and dieting will not be on anyone's mind on that day 

4. Will be able to hear the president of the Desmodonna Club's story

5. Watch an eligible bachelor enter the women's territory

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