Monday, 13 April 2015

Backyard Buskers

Talented Buskers

Buskers are becoming more and more popular these days in our country. They can be an individual or a group of people who share the same passion in performing live in front of a crowd. These performances can be just about anything from dancing your heart out to clowning or from fortune telling to snake charming.

As complicated as it may sound or as easy as it may sound to you, a lot of background training and rehearsals are usually involved in their road to perfecting their performance. For one, they have to perform in front of a large crowd, strangers and passer-bys - some may stop for a minute or two to watch them perform, some may walk pass even without giving a second thought, and some may stay hooked on to watch their talent being brought to live. Its never easy to get attention from a crowd if you're no where near perfection. You have to be bold, different and be talented in your own way to get the crowd's attention.

Recently, my husband & I decided to take our 2 toddlers on  LRT to Discoveria - Avenue K instead of the usual way of driving there. As soon as we came to the LRT concourse, both the lil ones tugged on us to stay on. We being the parents, wanted the kids to increase their pace so we can get to Discoveria and start the tour ( As the saying goes - The beauty of life is in each precious moment, stop and smell the roses - that I hardly remember to practise )

Stop to smell the roses

As the kids were going crazy and jumping up and down, my husband and I decided to stay on. A group of band were right in front of us... about to start their performance. I looked at the time, well maybe we stay for a song or two ? There is no way we can pull the kids anywhere now, as they got comfortable and settled down by the side to watch the buskers. Many were there too....

 Avenue K has set up AK Busk Stop for the Buskers to show their talent. Its at the LRT concourse and also at the ground floor. A very strategic location as many need to cross path to take the LRT or to get to KLCC. There is absolutely no way you can bypass this without a stop over !

AK Busk Stop 

We stayed on to watch what this band had to offer........ And the verdict ?! I for once was amazed....
They were very energetic, electrifying and they were bunch of buskers who were there to have fun while entertaining you at the same time - A win win situation I would say. They call themselves the Backyard Buskers !

Backyard Buskers Malaysia

The energy was just too intense, you just want to go out there and dance your heart out. I could literally feel my 'head banging' to their beat. You just feel so much lighter and calmer hearing their music.

Their instruments like the guitar, keyboard, & the tambourine used complemented each other emphasizing on the volume, power & speed. A combination of western Glam rock & punk with a lil authenticity incorporated in them giving you that perfect music that you've been longing for....

More about the band....

The were once called the Backyard Entertainment back in 2012. The brainchild behind this formation is a couple - Lily & Shah. The band evolved further after joining Zack & Big to form Backyard Studio.

Backyard Entertainment

This studio was started initially for their own benefits. It was a sort of get together to create their own music projects under one roof. A space where they can bring out their innovation & talent to life. A space where they can be themselves creating music and singing their hearts out. Soon a couple of friends came to know of this and decided to join in - bringing about the birth of the 'The Backyard Band' in 2013.

Since then they've been entertaining the public and never looked back ! They play a wide range of music - songs from the 80s, 90s, and few from the new albums. They can also sing in multi languages not restricted to Malay and English - for example in Latin too.

The people who make up the band.....

The Backyard Buskers 

Backyard Buskers -  A talented & friendly group of friends 

As you're reading this, the band is currently in Phuket for the 'Phuket Bike Week 2015'. They were the only Malaysian Buskers who had the privilege to perform live on stage here. This is an annual event held around April coinciding with the Songkran festival in Thailand. Its a event held to entertain the bikers and onlookers. A great line up is usually organised such as - motorbike & custom bike exhibition, beach party, concerts and Miss Phuket Bike Week competition.

Phuket Bike Week Festival

My favourite song from this band would be - Uptown Funk by Mark Ranson featuring Bruno Mars. They have brought this song to whole new level..... Everytime I hear this song played in the background only one group comes to my mind now - The Backyard of course !

How do you contact the band for booking & inquiries ?

Email at -

Website -

Instagram -  backyardbuskers


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

WW Magazine

The Party of the Century

The Party of the Century was held at the Empire City a couple of months ago. Many celebrities were invited to witness this launch. To name a few would be Taboo & Paris Hilton. If you wish to know more Read Here

Some of the Malaysian bloggers and Butterfly bloggers who were lucky enough to be on the guest list were featured in a magazine called WW - Wanita & Wawasan

Wanita & Wawasan magazine 

Did you get to see the pictures ? Do you know who got featured in the magazine ?

They all looked very glamorous in their 1920's Retro outfit !
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The pictures you've been waiting to see !!

These are some of the bloggers who got featured. Recognise them ? If you do, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section! 

WW magazine featuring some of the bloggers who were on the VIP list at the Party of the Century 

The bloggers in the 1920's Retro Outfit - Looking very elegant & glamorous

Some of the bloggers at the Party of the Century. Can you spot anyone familiar ?

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