Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Retro You

And so I've stumbled upon Wevents facebook and saw their next event -  The Retro You party. Not been to one and decided to join in the fun..... I met some of my friends during the Raya open house and a small discussion took place. Everyone was quite excited and decided to join in the fun........ and so without thinking again i decided to register for all my friends that night itself before someone decides to pull out..... :)

Date : 15th of August
Time : 6 to 9 pm
Venue : Cititel Hotel Mid Valley

I was thinking of a black and white dress...... polka dots on it ! And maybe with a boa... that makes it retro enough i guess :) It might not be hippie but it does give a lil bit of a retro feel to it. So i googled up some pictures and this is what i found on the net 

White and black dress with polka dots

A black boa that goes with the dress

And i was thinking of  a black satin gloves that goes with it...... a nice long one till the elbow. I googled some online shops that had these gloves but it takes almost two weeks to ship them.... and as I only had a week to go before the event, I decided to go few places and check it out myself. It was kinda difficult to get.... not many shops had them and they laughed at the idea of me getting a long satin gloves. Was about to change my mind when i saw a party shop at Bangsar village that had exactly what i wanted :) I immediately got them. I had my own ear-rings - big ones, a hand-bag, hair accessories, rings and a bracelet.... so i was good to go !

My friends and i were on time, and we were one of the earliest so we had loads of time to take pictures with They had their photo booth set up just before you enter the hall. Loads of props of the 50s - 80s......and my personal favorite was the disco ball ! 

We got very comfortable and started the day with an early dinner. It was a buffet style and many varieties of food for you to choose from....... from sausages, fish fingers, mee hoon to fruit tarts and healthy salads. I loved their fruit tarts...... i got to get back to the organizers to find about these tarts.... they were extremely yummy  !

Freda Liu was the host for the day.... as you all know she is a BFM Dj...... i follow some of her shows on radio and was kinda excited when i saw her there :) Wanted to take a picture with her at the end of the event..... was keeping my fingers crossed 

Freda Liu 

( photo taken fr Freda Liu's facebook ) 

Once most of the invited guests were in the hall, they started their ice - breaking session. I teamed up with Cheng, Ong and Miriam. First time meeting these lovely ladies and it was fun..... got to learn a bit about their background. How we got teamed up ? Well, we had to find our family ! We were each given a card as we registered at the front dest.... mine was Stone. So i had to find the others with the name Stone ( Im sure you remember the game happy family ? 

Edazz Lucinda was last year talent show winner and she was invited to perform at this years event. She sang two songs - Turn me on and Proud Mary.  I felt she was very professional..... she carried herself very well and she could also dance at the same time. Not many people can pull this through.... 

The highlight of these event was the retro queen contest. 10 participants were selected to compete for these tittle. Each of them have to perform for 5 minutes and they have to have a retro element in them. Some of them sang and while others danced. All in all was a great effort by the participants. You definitely need some guts to go in front on the stage and perform something 

These are some of the contestants in random order 

The group photos with the 3 winners and other participants 

( photos taken from wevents facebook ) 

The next event was the best dressed !!! And guess who the winner was ?! Its my friend Rupa....... She was very thrilled and won herself some vouchers from Ms.Read. All that hard work paid off..... and thanks to her husband too who encouraged her ! Wooohoooo..............

The next event was 'show and tell' competition. We were advised to bring an old photo that tells a unique story. I did bring one old picture but i had no intention of going on the stage to describe the photo. My friend Nisha got all excited and encouraged me to show the photo...... She raised her hands and there and then they spotted my photo and took it. Another girl was selected with a beautiful picture of her parents.

The other girl who got selected - she had a beautiful picture of her parents 

When they called me next, i gathered all my courage to go on the stage to explain about the photo i brought. Just the day before the event i had to go through my albums but i couldn't get the right one. So i decided to go through by husbands old albums. I found the perfect photo that would tell everyone a story.  I would say it had a retro story in the retro photo. The photo was taken in the late 70s. He wanted to poss like his late great grand dad when he found his old grand dad's glasses ! The memories was quickly captured by his dad if im not mistaken. And the best part is that he doesn't know i took the photo to the event !! Ssshhhhhhh......... and this will stay that way until and unless he reads this blog...... hahahah 

And thanks to Yong Choy Peng for this wonderful photo 

And guess what ?! I won !! Got myself a Worthy Book full of vouchers and some Jurlique products :)

Other photos 

Rupa and I 


Nisha with Freda Liu

There were also lucky draw prizes by the sponsors, most participated volunteer prize, most supportive blogger and the most regular attendee. We had loads of fun and it was definitely a night to remember. Im hoping my friends and I can join more events organized by Wevents......... 

Thanks to the great effort by the Wevents team ! 

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