Monday, 6 July 2015

Bloom This

I recently got to know about Bloomthis thanks to Blogging 101 project I recently attended weeks ago. Bloomthis is a service where you can subscribe and send flowers to your loved ones or to yourself !

Now who wouldnt want to receive luxury flowers right ?!  Imagine going back home after a long tiring day at work and seeing a box of flowers waiting to be opened. It immediately changes ones mood giving you the joy and excitement of unboxing the lil surprise that you just received from a loved one. You can send it to anyone on your mind, it can be your next door neighbour, your parents or to your better half. You can also send it to yourself and be surprised cause you wouldn't know what flowers you may get.... its like a lil surprise from them !!

 Bloom This Malaysia 

They have 3 types of deliveries, and you are free to choose the best option that you prefer. They have a one off delivery called the Signature, Quinzena which is the fortnightly/month or Sabbath which is weekly/month

Signature - Single Delivery

Quinzena - Fortnightly/Month

Sabbath - Weekly/Month

How it works ?

Well its pretty simple. Firstly get an account with them and send a one off Bloom This bouquet or subscribe to regular deliveries to yourself or your loved ones. 

The fresh flowers will be sent every Thursdays in a bespoke box
It's a different surprise every week for anyone that receives them.

Ones you receive your fresh flowers, take as many selfies as you like with the bouquet and you're free to upload it on your instagram account.... lol !! 

Read on to find out what I received from Bloom This

The fresh flower comes in a bespoke box hence you can be assured that your flowers are safe. You cant see what flowers you received straight-away so that gives a little element of surprise before you unbox it. The word BloomThis is printed in bold letters on the box. You can also check their website add from the box
Bespoke box - Bloomthis 

Here is your solid proof of the surprise here ! The kids went crazy and couldnt wait to open to find out what was inside

The kids were surprised to see the box

Once you open the box, you see a beautifully tied bow using a ribbon. It comes with two cards kept just under the ribbon

A beautifully tied ribbon once you open the Bloom this box

The first card lets you ponder a bit into space......

Mine said - '' The secret of getting ahead is getting started ''  -- Mark Twain 

The second card tells you what flowers you just received from them. Mine was Gerbera with 3 different colours - Red, Yellow & Orange. This helps you to identify the flowers and appreciate it even more. 

Once you flip the card - it gives you some tip on how to beautifully arrange them 

1. Fill 1/3 water in the vase

2. Remove the water capsule from the flowers

3. Place the flowers in the vase. Put it at a cool place

Note :  To lengthen the lifespan of your bouquet, change the water daily and trim the flower stem at a slant every few days 

Pictures of my bouquet 

Bouquet of Gerbera flowers by Bloom This 

A closer look at my Gerbera - comes in 3 colours 

Red & Yellow Gerbera flowers

Red Gerbera flowers

Water Capsule 

A closer look at the water capsule 

Links that might help you 

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