Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Darlie - Bunny Kids Toothpaste

Its Good to teach oral hygiene when kids are much younger. I have two boys, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Have I tried teaching them about the importance of oral hygiene ? 

Yes, I've tried and tried again. The younger one seems lost but the elder one tries to ignore. But hey, I just need to continue this effort until one day they decide to understand & follow ( Im hoping this day will come real soon.....HELP !! ) 

Recently I received Toothpaste from Darlie that's called DARLIE BUNNY KIDS. Its newly improved formula using food grade ingredients. It comes in 4 different variants namely Strawberry, Orange, Apple and Cola. 

How the pack looks like - it comes in 4 different variant

I've decided to let the kids choose their own flavors. I gave the elder one all 4 variants and asked him to choose one. I told him he can use a new toothpaste today and try it out.... he was kinda excited.

Orange, Strawberry, Cola & Apple

He took a while & finally decided on the Strawberry ! 

He tried brushing his teeth with the pea sized strawberry Darlie Bunny kids right after that. Well this is what he said.... "Mum, it tastes like jelly', and he continued brushing his teeth. The texture was very gel like and it was a pink transparent colour

How the Strawberry paste looked like 

I gave the same 4 choices to the younger one and he picked the Cola flavour.  I helped him brush his teeth using the pea sized Cola bunny kids toothpaste, and he immediately pushed me away and said don't want. I kinda knew he is about to do that. He has not tried cola flavour before, whether its food or drink and hence he didnt like the flavour. 

How the Cola flavour looked like 

Im always worried as my kids tend to swallow their toothpaste.

Acknowledging that most children tend to swallow their toothpaste, Darlie has recently upgraded the formula of its Bunny Kids children's toothpaste range, with over 80% contents are now certified food grade.

In addition, this newly improved formula is also well noted for the following benefits :

contains calcium to help strengthen teeth

Contains fluoride to fight against cavities

Has low level of foam for gentle cleaning without irritation

Has no added sugar 

A month after using this toothpaste this is what the kids have to say about it

The elder one - I think I like the strawberry flavour and the orange more & I want to brush everyday with this paste. While the younger one went with the strawberry flavour. He didnt like the other flavours that much.

Its easy to get them to brush now since they like using this new paste and hence I dont have to yell at them to brush when the time comes for brushing. So this makes a plus point for me

According to the survey that was carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO ) in 2012, findings revealed that gingivitis and caries affect 60 - 90 % of children globally. There are several factors that contribute to these oral diseases.

Among them are poor oral hygiene, high intake of sweetened food such as sweets, chocolates and cakes as well as insufficient use of fluoride.

Therefore, children must be taught proper oral care including the right brushing techniques and using the right toothpaste at a young age

I hope this post here will help you realise how important it is to cultivate good oral hygiene at a very tender age

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