Saturday, 6 December 2014

L'Oreal Paris Contest

The Biggest Contest of the Year 

Hi guys..... Im pretty sure by now, you would have heard about this contest ! Fret not if you havent ! Im here today to tell you a little about this contest.

L'Oreal Paris

This is a total beauty care company that combines the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass. They represent the essence of the L'Oreal Paris brand as a whole, a spirit which is about helping every woman embrace her unique beauty while reinforcing her innate sense of self-worth

Their Brand signature phrase that is so commonly used by all of us -    ''Because Im worth it''. I've heard this phrase over and over again and I love it ! Yes we are all just some random people living together in this world, we may not be Jennifer Aniston, Aisywarya Rai or Gisele Bundchen but hey we are definitely a unique individual that strive in this challenging world together with all the celebrities out there.......... And we definitely need to embrace our beauty in every way possible BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT !

There is 10 weeks of beauty thrills just for you... From 1st November till 31st December ! So you have a whole load of time to join this contest... trust me you wont be dissapointed !

They are giving away daily and weekly prizes over the next 10 weeks to reward their highest spenders! If you spend the most overall on L'Oreal Paris products by 31st December 2014, you'll drive home their Grand Prize - a brand NEW CAR worth over RM 100,000 !!

Yup that right........... you WIN A CAR WORTH RM 100,000 !! This is your chance guys.... dont miss out on this contest, you might regret it later.

And guess what they is more !!

You can also win daily prizes & weekly prizes. Weekly prizes are Poh Kong jewellery worth of RM 7,500 & Kitchen appliances. Daily prizes are Hamper worth RM 100 x 3 .

So your chances of winning are higher 

HOW TO ENTER the contest ?! Here are the simple steps that you can follow..... 

1. Spend over RM20 on L'Oréal Paris products

2. Upload a photo of your receipt

3. Answer a simple question

4. Shop more to increase your chances of winning

Now isn't that simple ! 

Visit this page for registration and more details 


  1. Blog walking....... have a great day..... if you have the time, drop by also ok... hehehe

  2. Blog walking....... have a great day..... if you have the time, drop by also ok... hehehe