Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Much awaited wedding....

The ritual, plenty of Indian food & sweets, melam & nadaswaram, the colourful sarees, shopping, pre planning..... it has definitely been the hectic month by far yet it was one of the best days. Can't believe my lil bro got hitched to a beautiful girl. My bro who only talks about Liverpool team, manual cars & their engines, backpacking, oil platforms, 'backpacking again' now talks about earrings, high heels and roses. Yeah ROSES !!! It was never in his vocabulary.... lol

Mum & dad said they are less stressful as they have passed the complicated & challenging responsibility to the bride

We would like to thank Family & Friends who went all out in helping out at the wedding. You know who you are !! Without you guys the wedding wouldn't have been a success. A Big THANK YOU once again....

Enjoy the Photo Montage with the song from Best days of my life fr the album Oh, what a life

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