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The launch of Bollywood Professional at MUSE by Watsons

Being dark skinned I've always had my share of problems when buying cosmetics at a certain places. Mainly because their colors are too bright or just too light to go along with my skin colour & tone. Hence, when I received the invite for the launching of Bollywood Professional at the MUSE by Watsons, I was kinda excited and was hoping to find something that can suite my complexion. 

The wide range of cosmetics offered by Bollywood Professional

Bollywood Professional is the number one cosmetics brand used by Bollywood's top makeup artists for their Bollywood superstars. That means the makeup that you see on the actresses in the numerous Bollywood  movies are from this cosmetic brand ! They always seem to have that wonderful radiant, glowing skin, luscious lips, sexy eyes that makes them very vibrant & glamourous.  The secret is finally out and we get to be part of it. 

There were few make up artist to help you out with the products. Some of them will concentrate on your eyes, or your face and some will help you choose the right colours for your lips. I got to do my eyes first. 

I decided to let the make up artist choose the colours for me....... the only rule was, I didnt want it to look too dramatic. She chuckled & said not to worry... I'll go with your saree colour. That sounds about right I felt :)

Botanical shadow Primer

Just before using the eye shadow, she recommended the Botanical Shadow Primer. She used a very small amount of it and applied evenly over the upper eye area. Im very particular when it comes to my eyes cause Im allergic to some products. Sometimes it causes severe itchiness or my eyes starts watering..... yeah I know.... thats such a pain at times. But this primer did not give me any of those problems and Im glad. 

The benefits of this primer you may ask ?! 

- it primes your eyes for a smooth, long lasting eye shadow application
- evens the eyelid color and texture
   Now this I really need ! Cause I dont think I have an even texture on my upper eye area.
- botanically infused to soothe the delicate eye area 
- it has vitamin E !
- it has chamomile & aloe that helps to moisture the area 

Following which she combined a few eye shadows to match my bright pink & purple saree. The color did complement the saree colour. 

The make up artist applying the eye shadow right after the botanical shadow primer
Source : Bollywood Professional

Just before I got my face done, I was intoduced to Rani Birring !! She is the managing director of Bollywood Professional, born and brought up in England, and a professional make up artist. She is well versed with her knowledge of the beauty industry and its differing markets around the world... and she knew we Malaysians will be overwhelmed if products like this reached our shores.... and indeed it did.... dont you all think ! 

Tinted Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 

She herself saw my skin tone and recommended the tinted primer broad spectrum SPF 20 medium color to the make up artist.... And i agreed. Im sure she knows better. For me, I dont want the foundation to be too thick, or something that will be make me too fair. There is nothing wrong being dark skinned...... you just need a primer/ foundation that complements your skin tone. 

The make up artist showing the color of the tinted primer 

After the application of the tinted primer - with my make up artist 

I love the look..... what it did to me was it hid all my pores and gave me a smooth complexion. You can wear the primer alone or under the foundation. I was quite happy with the primer alone so I skipped the foundation.

Next stop is the Lipstick ! They have 12 beautiful colours in their Liquid Lipstick range. The colours are very bold and bright. My personal best is Pumpkin Spice, Electric Coral, Electric Taffy and Electric Pink !! These lipsticks are very creamy without the sticky feeling. Plus they are long lasting.... so we dont have to apply over and over again !! I would pick the lipsticks as one of my personal favorites here :) The other advantage of using these would be giving your lips the extra hydration that they need. 

Liquid Lipstick

From top to bottom

1. Electric Pink
2. Electric Taffy
3. Electric Coral
4. Pumpkin Spice 

The way you decide on quality when it comes to buying lipstick is by the pigments.  When you put it on your skin, how much color is in it. These Bollywood Professional liquid lipstick are high in pigment and you can actually see the difference when you use them.

Now where can you get them ?! 
Head on to MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid 

Why did Bollywood Professional choose MUSE by Watsons ?

Well, this is mainly because MUSE by Watsons pride themselves on their quality. They have different products and all of them are known for their high quality. Their staffs are accustomed to give you the best service & good advice. You will definitely walk out of their stores with the right products, whether its skincare or cosmetics. 

You can also find them at
1. Isetan Suria KLCC - Opened in June this year
2. Genting Grand Hotel - Genting Highlands 

There will be more boutiques coming soon at these places
1. TANGS Malaysia 
2. TANGS Singapore
3. IOI Mall in Putrajaya 

The Star in You fragrance

Beside skincare and cosmetics they also have their own fragrance ! Yup... you heard it right. They . have everything in their bag. Its called ''The Star in You''. This is what Bollywood Professional got to say about their new fragrance 

This fragrance is expressive, individual and modern, filled with flashes of pure brilliance. For the STAR in you, is vibrant and alive, with luminous notes of cherry and mandarin, warmed with the depth and mystery of woods and spices. 

The miniature - The Star in You fragrance 
Each of us get to take home this miniature to try it out 

SuperWear Creme Shadow - Naturale 

Each of us get to take home a SuperWear Creme Shadow too. I will be reviewing them soon, so watch out for it. 

Some of the pictures taken on the day of the event

Butterflies getting their make up done by the Pros using Bollywood Professional products

The butterflies were introduced to the Bollywood Professional skincare, cosmetics and fragrance 

With the Brand Principal - Rani Birring 

This was one of my first few events with the Butterfly Project, and I got to meet many of the famous butterflies who have been blogging for number of years. Some of them were really friendly and helpful. Also met Tammy for the first time, who is the founder of Butterfly Project. Spotted one or two new ones just like me.... and we got along pretty well :)

Some of the Blog business cards from the other Butterflies

Would really love to thank the Butterfly team, Bollywood Professional and MUSE by Watsons for this wonderful opportunity. A great experience, a walk in a different path, another mile stone, another time-stamped entry.... 

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