Monday, 6 October 2014

Chichi & Chacha

Today I'll be introducing a new show especially for the kids and they sure gonna love this if they love watching Hi Five ! 

This brand new programme is called ChiChi & ChaCha. This would be Asia's 1st live action and 3D animation edutainment programme for the children. Your kids can learn a wide variety of topics from the live hosts. Learning about these variety of topics will also be done through songs & dance throughout the episodes. Chichi and Chacha show includes 3D animations, which gives your children a chance to remember the lessons even better ! You can also expect art and crafts segment to nurture their budding talents in this field......... so you and your kids got nothing to loose ! So save the dates!! 

Mark your dates you dont wanna miss this ! 

Show : ChiChi & ChaCha

Date : 11th of October 2014

Time : 10:30am

Channel : Astro Ceria 

Let me introduce the characters 

1. The first one is CHICHI - the protector
     He is adventurous, protective, competitive and has superball power

2. The second is CHACHA - the visionary 
     She is intuitive, sensitive, artistic and has visions in her magic powder

3. The third is Atan - the inventor
     He is intelligent, shy, collects books and loves building things

4. The forth is Hujan - the healer 
     He is a nature lover, potion maker, imaginative and has a magical blowpipe

Next comes the 5 hosts ! 

1. Harris
    He started his career in 2008. He is an experienced host as he has hosted many other 
    shows like Whazzup Ceria - 2011, Jom Heboh Banana Squad and Berita Adik. He says 
    he is proud and happy to be part of the Chichi and Chacha show that allows him to learn 
    and grow in terms of singing, dancing and also performing.

2. Sweet
    Farhanna, also know as sweet came into the world of entertainment at the age of 
    9.Now at the age of 17, she has numerous achivements under her belt in the field of 
    entertainment. She is constantly moving and finding ways to improve herself. 

3. Leen
     Leen is the youngest member of the Chichi and Chacha hosts. She was crowned the 
     winner of Ceria Popstar in 2013. She is passionate about singing and dancing. 

4. Afiq
     Afiq has won many competitions throughout his career as a singer. He started of by 
     winning the 3rd place in Idola Kecil way back in 2008. His career as taken off since then, 
     moving him in many new directions. 

5. Farisha 
    Farisha is 15 years and have been in the industry as young as 11 years of age. She has 
    been the host for a segment in Nasi Lemak Kopi O for 2 years. She also has acted in 
    several dramas and telemovies.

The 5 celebrity hosts 

Jom Chichi Jom Chacha Dance song

This programme is brought to you by Big Fish Media 

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