Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Women's Weekly - Exclusive Screening of Hundred Foot Journey

 It was almost 1pm and i was still in the waiting area waiting for my son's ultrasound in Pantai Hospital. The lil one was very cranky and hungry....all I could do was just wait and hope his name will be called soon. I can then take him for lunch and wait to see the Doctor next.

In the midst of all these, I get a call from Women's Weekly team !! ''Would you like to join us and confirm your attendance for the Exclusive screening of Hundred Foot Journey this Saturday with the Women's weekly''. I was very excited .... If I say yes, this will be my very first experience with the Women's Weekly. The caller repeated again as I didn't give a reply and this time I said YES of course !! I'll be there at 9am. Do count me in.

We got called in next for the ultrasound of the abdomen and the results were normal..... so its a double joy!!

The Screening was to be held at the GCS signature - Gardens Mall on the 30th of August at 9.30am. I remember watching SATC - Sex and the City with my girlfriends here a few years back.

GSC Signature - The Gardens Mall

On the day of the event, I left home early so that i will be on time for the screening. Wasn't too sure if i came to the right place until i saw this poster up in front of the GSC signature entrance..... and I was glad ! I did come to the right place after-all.

Take five with the Women's Weekly 

We were greeted by Ms. Ashley at the registration table, after signing in we get to choose a number for the lucky draw that will be held before the screening. We were then ushered in to have some light refreshments and to mingle around with the other participants. 

For me it was a day to relax, sit back and meet new friends..... i would say an event to de stress myself. Stress has become such a normal part of our daily life and sometimes we become very immune to it. The Women's Weekly has definitely done me a favor by allowing me to relax by putting my work aside for a few hours and to enjoy the new experiences gained from this event.  


Participants registering 

Loads of food to satisfy our big appetite

GSC signature offers premiere class and Gold class. This Hundred Foot Journey was to be held at the Gold Class theater. As most of you would have already known this by now, GSC is the first cinema chain to offer a Gold Class auditorium with an attached lounge in our country. I was so excited when I saw the wide comfortable reclining seats that comes with a blanket and a small pillow. You can recline it to 180 degrees.......... its like watching it at the comfort of your home but only better with the standard quality picture and state of the art digital sound system.

The wide reclining chairs - GSC signature Gold Class

Everyone immediately got comfortable 

By the time, Deputy Editor, Ms Rina came to give her welcome speech, I was all cosy, warm and comfortable. She had 5 pairs of tickets to give away for the Le Cordon Bleu cooking demonstration worth RM600 as their lucky draw prize. And these are the 5 lucky winners........ they get to take a friend along too. How cool is that !! 

source : Women's weekly facebook

Finally, what we've been all waiting for ! The screening of Hundred-Foot Journey. 

The Hundred - Foot Journey. Source,

Full Cast & Crew

                                                               Director   : Lasse Hallstrom
                                                               Writers    : Steven Knight ( Screenplay ) 
                                                                                Richard C.Morais ( Book )
                                                               Stars       :  Helen Mirren
                                                                                Om Puri
                                                                                Manish Dayal
                                                                                Charlotte Le Bon 

This Movie is based on the novel The hundred Foot Journey written by Richard C.Morais. It's about Kadam family who was forced to leave India to another place as their restaurant in Mumbai got burned down. They decided to start all over again in a small village in South of France just apposite Madame Mallory's Michelin-starred eatery. Now, outraged by the new arrivals, Madame Mallory was determined to shut down their business. Both sides went all out to bring the other person down.  This war eventually ends up in love, peace & fusion of Indian and French Cuisine..... Its one of those rare movies that gets better as it goes and I loved it ! Just watch the trailer..... it practically summarises everything :) 

The two hours went by so fast..... and i was very reluctant to leave my comfortable reclining chair but all good things must end at some point... It was indeed a great experience for me with the Women's weekly team and im hoping for many more in the near future. Each one of us got a goody bag before we left ! I was trilled..... we got a nice vintage looking container, a Neogene Hydrating cream, a Women's Weekly note book and a Bobbi Brown voucher for a make up session...... Wooohooo !!! 

Goody Bag



  1. Hmm, what a good moment. I also have a wish that someday I will have the same chance like this. The business war of this film sounds interesting. In a war like this, there'll be something comedy in it, right? :D Great post, darling.. :)

  2. I watched that too! But with Churp Churp. Thiss is a great film. Food lover will love it.

  3. This is so cool! I rarely get to be invited on events such as this! :) It seems like you have enjoyed yourself dearly and that's always good ;) <3GIGlove

  4. so cozy place and cool event that you attended..
    thank you for sharing :D

  5. I loved that movie watched it the last month!! Had a very nostalgic feeling and Love Om Puri's acting skills too!!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  6. OMG that movie theater looks epic! I must watch a movie there too!

    And interesting event. I don't think it would be much of an interest for me, but it's cool. I'm sure it was an experience of note!

  7. The place looks good xD
    In Indonesia we have the similar one too :D
    Glad to know yours :D


  8. Nice event. I really like the goodie bag they gave.


  9. Comfy seats!!! Love it! It looks so cozy and comfortable! =)

  10. would love to watch just one movie at the gold class in my area too. the seats just look soooooo comfy. but the bad point is, if you choose the wrong movie you may just fall asleep and start snoring! rofl

  11. Loved your goody bag and the winners are indeed lucky as are the friends who will accompany them. GIG :)

  12. ermmm many ppl love this but im not a fan of these kind of story!!

  13. Oh darling.. what a lovely screening you have there.. The hundred foot journey is indeed amazing and heartwarming.. :)

    Keep in touch ya. :)

  14. Looks like it was a great event. Those seats look super comfortable!

  15. Oh, dear! I would love to have that cinema in our country as well! It looks so cozy and perfect for those movie nights with the boyfriend :)

  16. the place looks good. thank you for sharing this.