Thursday, 11 September 2014

Define Tastemakers


The Define invitation was very unique and it was sent personally by their staff a week before the event. It definitely couldn't have arrived in the mail.... it was huge with two coffee cups ! Yup.... you heard it right.... it did come with two coffee cups.

You are given almost two weeks to come up with something that describes you best..... then try and doodle that onto the cups given. Hashtag #DEFINETASTEmakers on instagram with your cup and the top 10 entries will receive Define - worthy prizes.

Each coffee cup gives you one entry to the Define event 

It comes with 2 markers for you to doodle straight away - no exceptions 

The two coffee cups

Doodle here to show your creative side 

The invitation really captured my attention. If the invitation was this unique, Im sure the event will be even better. I get to take another person along since I have two coffee cups..... I approached my husband but he was slightly reluctant till I showed him the invitation & he agreed.


The event was held at Avenue K just opposite KLCC. Its starts at 6pm onwards till late. We were given some drink coupons at the registration for some Beer and soft drinks and  a little briefing about the event.

As you enter the venue, the first think you stumble upon is the Painting area !! Yup.... painting !! I didn't expect this and was kinda excited so was hubby. We decided to check out the whole place before coming back here to paint.

The had a lot of different varieties of lollipops at the center area to trickle your tastebuds..... some where made fr strawberries, vanilla and chocolates. Yeah you might say these are just some common random lollipops......... but wait till you hear this !  Some of them were made from Tea ! And some had lil whiskey and chili to challenge your taste-buds.

Strawberry and Vanilla Lollipops

Lollipops with honey 

Tea latte lollipops

You can also custom make your lollipops there. Just choose the flavors you want and they will mix it for you on the spot. We went safe with a vanilla and honey lollipops but she recommended dark chocolate lollipop with a lil whiskey and chilli.... it sounded pretty interesting and so we decided to try it out...... and it turned out great ! I decided to have another one.... cause it was supper delicious. Watch how it's done step by step

The ice block - to freeze your lollies immediately

The lollipop stick is first kept on the ice block - then pour the dark chocolate onto the stick

Keep poring the dark chocolate till you get a nice circular shape... then she added the whiskey & Chilli
Slide the lolli a few times on the ice block to freeze it.... and there you have it ! Your very own customed lollipops 

While enjoying the spiced up lollipops, we walked out to the garden where the main stage was. The view was just breathtaking........ From where we stood, we could see the majestic Petronas Twin Towers. At a staggering 452 meters in height, this twin towers dominate our Malaysian skyline. The whole venue was filled up with cozy chairs randomly facing the stage

Overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers

The Main Stage 

The Define Booth was definitely a hit that night. They were constantly people taking photos around it an inside the booth, whether it was a group photo or selfie Im sure it would be popping up as their Facebook profile photos for the next week or so. I got my share of photo taken with the Booth too.

Got my share of photo taken with the Define Booth

There were many performances lined up for the night. A lot of solo songs, group band performance, and dances. I personally was impressed with the dance. A bunch of young and enthusiastic dancers stole the night by bringing art to live right in front your eyes.......... They danced while painting on the stage & on an actual car which was draped in white cloth.

A group of young and enthusiastic dancers

Painting the car while dancing 

A short video on the dance performance 

It started to drizzle a bit, and so we thought of going indoors for a bit till the rain subsides. We decided to put our creativity forward and become Van Gogh for the night.

 Painting can 'Define' your emotions and thoughts on canvas.... and I think thats exactly what my husband had in mind. He was pretty excited and immediately decided to paint without thinking twice. He grabbed a few paint brushes, a few acrylic colors and a canvas. With the help of an artist who was there to help all first timers, he started painting & painting & painting.......  

On of the artist helping out all the first timers

Canvas is all set 

The painting essentials 

The artist at work :) 

Once the background is completed 

The next level is completed 

The final outcome - not bad for a first timer 

The other artists at work 

All in all, it was a great event. My Saturday night was well spent here. I would definitely make it a point to participate in the next DEFINE event. Thanks to the Define team for organizing and putting up a great show 


  1. kee ada tag awak..

  2. Wow... its an interesting event. And your hubby really paint like an artist la! Hahaha...