Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Two weekends ago was all about PopMarket organised by PCSG (PopCulture Shopping Guide) that was held at 'The School', Jaya one.

It was their first ever Bazaar event and I think they carried it out quite well :)

It was a 2 day event and we decided to go on a Saturday morning right after our usual breakfast outing at our favorite place.

I love this kind of markets cause you can find just about anything under one roof! My main aim that weekend was to get a dress for a retro party happening in 2 days time... and of course some accessories that goes along with it.

Hubby decided to follow as well as his favourite vendor was there to showcase their best posters..... Yup..... Currynoodles posters. He has already got a number of posters from this guys and it’s all over the place in our apartment....

The Highlight of this event was the massive 500 balloons released on Sunday which we missed......Im sure my kids would have loved to watch the balloons flying high

Will post some pictures of the event soon....

The next event that I'm excited about is The Retro night organized by Wevents happening this week......
Cant wait to dress up and take loads of pictures !

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