Wednesday, 1 April 2015

WW Magazine

The Party of the Century

The Party of the Century was held at the Empire City a couple of months ago. Many celebrities were invited to witness this launch. To name a few would be Taboo & Paris Hilton. If you wish to know more Read Here

Some of the Malaysian bloggers and Butterfly bloggers who were lucky enough to be on the guest list were featured in a magazine called WW - Wanita & Wawasan

Wanita & Wawasan magazine 

Did you get to see the pictures ? Do you know who got featured in the magazine ?

They all looked very glamorous in their 1920's Retro outfit !
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The pictures you've been waiting to see !!

These are some of the bloggers who got featured. Recognise them ? If you do, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section! 

WW magazine featuring some of the bloggers who were on the VIP list at the Party of the Century 

The bloggers in the 1920's Retro Outfit - Looking very elegant & glamorous

Some of the bloggers at the Party of the Century. Can you spot anyone familiar ?

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  1. Thank you Meena for letting us know! ^ ^

    1. Did you get a copy of the magazine ?

  2. Haha Butterfly Project rocks! Was there at the party too but I guess wasn't in the limelight for the photographer.


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    1. Hey did you win the best dress in the party ?

  3. Sp cool! I wish I can join u all one day :D

  4. I should head down there and check it out. In the meantime , maybe fancy a travel blog post ? Get you inspired on where to go next ! :)

    YouTube Link :

    Catch my VLOG on my travel to Bandung, Indonesia and also a detailed post about my trip over at my blog :

    Followed u too btw - From Butterfly Project