Sunday, 20 July 2014


Dance...... dance........ dance

Been learning dance for a while now.... almost 3 months to be exact ! Im in my comfort zone...... its a small class with only 20 students. Most are beginners and a few of them have been dancing for a year or two.... so if you make a mistake or you just cant seem to get the steps right its still acceptable cause everybody is in the same boat !

Just after my usual class we saw this note and it got us thinking.....

Should I go for it ! Should I just try my luck and see if I can get through this audition ? The only problem here is that those who are going to try for this audition will be senior dancers.... would we even have a chance to get close ?

My friend and I already having palpitations..... its now or never ! If we go for this.... we will be dancing in front of a few dance instructors and many other students who will be there to watch the fun..... and if you are asked to dance something that you're not familiar with you might end up embarrassing yourself.

The drawback about this audition is we are not sure what they gonna make us do ? Dance to a song ? Or follow a few steps which is shown to us........ clueless about the terms and criteria..

We are still contemplating whether to go or not.... the audition will begin in a few hours time....
Need to built up a lil more courage i think..... If you're chosen its a big deal cause  you'll get a chance to  perform this Dance drama with the other fellow seniors and teachers at the end of the year.

Keeping my fingers crossed...........

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