Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bisou Cupcakes

I settled my errands quite fast & I had another hour or so till I pick my son from pre school. It was troublesome to go back home so I decided to kill some time in Bangsar village. Checked out a few clothings from Wallis & Warehouse... they looked elegant and I felt like buying them. What stopped me ?! Well, I already got 2 dresses this week ! So I quickly decided to chill and get something to eat instead....... Immediately Bisou came to my mind. I love their cupcakes..... Yum ! I usually get Dark Secret. Its dark chocolate butter cake topped with lots of dark chocolate butter frosting.

 Dark Secret Cupcake


Their November promo cupcake was Chocolush which was almost similar to their dark secret. I decided to get that.... cant go wrong, its chocolate anyway. Its a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Its very moist, creamy & yummy ! It wasnt too sweet too.....

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